Thomas Roberts   |  May 06, 2013

Kidnapped women found alive

Dr. Sudeepta Varma talks to MSNBC's Thomas Roberts about the psychological angle of the Cleveland kidnapping victims in the aftermath of escaping years of captivity.

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>> you have been listening with me along with everybody else about reports coming out of the home itself. these women were heinously interrupted at young ages in their lives and now coming back home. when we talk about the conditions and the fact that savannah found out there are chains found in the home and we'll learn more about what the brothers did, what is the first step for proper treatment for these women and the 6-year-old child.

>> some of the things we want to look for are symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder . everybody handles stress differently and has different coping mechanisms. so looking for intrusive thoughts or disturbing images of the events that took place, nightmares, flashbacks, looking for depression and suicide ality, withdrawal and how are they taking care of themselves? are they able to connect and share feelings? a lot of times people end up withdrawing. people deal with stress and trauma differently.

>> right now they need to be pickled in love and