Thomas Roberts   |  June 13, 2013

In the U.S., more deaths than births among whites

New data from the Census Bureau shows that for the first time ever, more white people died in the U.S. last year than were born.'s Timothy Noah, the New Yorker's Amy Davidson, and The Root's Edward Wyckoff Williams join Roberts pane/ to discuss.

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>>> lessons not learned? is the republican's party war on women back and back in full swing? surprising numbers new data from census bower say there's a major shift in the white population. wait until you see this. the father's message, yes, sir exclusive interview trayvon martin's father tracey. those are the topics pitched by today's panel of writers. gang, it's great to have you all here. i want to start on this reinvigorated topic this war on women . i want to play for everybody what exactly started the tipping point for this and it was representative trent franks and his original comment during a mark up of a bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks. take a listen.

>> the incidents of rape and resulting in pregnancy are very, low but when you make that exception there's usually a requirement to report the rape within 48 hours .

>> all right. so, this has definitely brought the todd akin problem back into the forefront for the republican parent nancy pelosi was very quick to jump on this with her own reaction. take a listen.

>> and yesterday was really just another day in the life of the republican congress . they passed legislation that was disrespectful, the rights, health and safety of the american women . all the people who voted for the bill were men. disrespectful.

>> it's disrespectful was the last thing she said there. now i just want to play what trent franks had to say after the reaction that he's gotten and back tracking on his original statement. take a look.

>> the incidents where pregnancy from rape that results in abortion after the beginning of the sixth month are very rare. the reality it's not republicans that are talking about this, it's democrats that keep forcing the rape issue into this debate. they've done it ever since roe v. wade .

>> now that you're all caught up. tim i want to start with you. explain why it appears that the gop is committing suicide over this issue?

>> it does seem just a case of gop derangement syndrome. small child puts his hand on the burn are and burns his hand. he generally learns not to put his hand back on the burner again. but the gop doesn't seem able to learn that lesson. i mean, the biology of course is wrong. there is no lower tendency to get pregnant after being raped but you would think that they could understand the politics. part of the problem in politics is local. representative franks represents a very strongly republican district that probably doesn't mind so much but the national party i would imagine minds a lot. we saw "the weekly standard " do a hilarious attempt yesterday to try to reinter pretty his remarks to say he didn't really say what he really did say.

>> let's look at the larger problem because it does point to larger issues. as we look what the national journal puts out this was in direct issue with franks' statement but just a larger 30,000 foot view at the gop and they came out with lessons learned that haven't been learned from 2012 . party leaders in washington anonymously rebuking new jersey governor chris christie , house republicans cast a symbolic vote to reject president obama 's deportation of young people brought to this country as young children and gop members willing to get back on the record about rape and abortion. it doesn't seem as if they are willing to --

>> no --

>> recognize their past will sink them in the future.

>> that are of them is who they are and unrealistic view of women 's lives not just about the biology but what he's saying with the idea if a woman was really raped and pregnant she would have a police report within 48 hours . she would have figured it out within 20 weeks so it must be really rare. when that's not how lives work. one would think that the more kind and realistic position would be that woman might get more time. what's almost more alarming than what they don't know about women 's lives and women 's bodies is what they do know actually about the politics and how it works particularly at a state level. this has come out here at state houses across the country there's been bills passed that chip away little by little at abortion rights earth by changing the timing as this attempts to do or by making their being admitting privileges for doctors or harder for a clinic to stay open and it's a real strategy. and as much as we say this is suicidal and this doesn't seem to be working for them, it's working for them in terms of rolling back abortion rights .

>> unfortunately it is disqualifying the severity of rape and almost as if -- your purse was snatched, your car was stolen. of course you'll call the cops. rape is different. you point out this should be an issue that republican women stand up and take these men to task for.

>> yes. i spoke to congressman steve israel of new york a couple of weeks ago and we were talking about the democratic strategy going forward because he's the chairman of the democratic congressional campaign committee and he basically pointed out that his coalition includes women who are activist on women 's reits, african-american, hispanics and asian-americans and he said the problem, the fundamental problem with the republican party is that it is run by 90% white males and i think this kind of thing shows the women within the republican party need to speak up, they need to take more leadership roles. otherwise you get this skewed voice coming from the republicans which doesn't include women and is not inclusive of other minorities.

>> they need to look at the census bower numbers because they will be out in the cold. let's take a peek at where this country is going. and if we can go the nation's make up, i want to show where we're moving to because census numbers, the white majority in the u.s. will be gone by 2043 . as we look at this nonhispanic white 63%, hispanic 17%, blacks 12%, asians at 5%. this is the browning of america. the expectation what we've known this country of immigrants would eventually evolve into. it's just the republicans aren't reading the sea change .

>> right. we're seeing the white majority is already, i think disappeared in pre-schools and this past last year we saw for first time in american history the number of white deaths exceeded the number of white births. the u.s. for the first time became a net importer of white people , you might say because while the number of white people increased in the u.s. it was due to immigration rather than births outweighing deaths. that has obviously seismic consequences for the republican party , which is really built much more than the democratic party on a majority white nation and that very idea.

>> and i just want to shift really quickly because i don't want to run out of time on this. as we talk about race certainly a case that has gripped the attention of the nation, watching the court drama play out in sanford, florida with george zimmerman and edward you had a chance to speak with trayvon martin's dad tracey and the questions you were asking him were based upon his reflections as a father as we come up to father's day weekend. what did he have to say?

>> he humanized his son so beautifully and it was really nice to see an african-american father speaking about an african- american son particularly in a society that often criminalizes and stigmatizes african-american young males. he basically talked about how trayvon loved network with his hands, how he could take a bike or a motorcycle or a radio apart to put it together, how it sparked his interest in engineering, how he would be so proud if trayvon lived because he spent the last two years studying for his pilot mechanic's license. he talked about the boy he loved. he said my kid was perfect to me. that was an exact quote from him. we went into the facts of the case. what was so overwhelming about tracey martin's reflection they fly in the face of what the zimmerman defense team have been trying to do is frame trayvon as a thug who was the agent of his own demise. he was the aggressor in this situation where that was kid who was out for snacks who got put upon by someone who acted in a deranged way.

>> jury selection still continues in that case. mr. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty in the shooting death of trayvon martin and was unarmed at the time. we want to note mr. zimmerman sued nbc universal for defamation and the company has denied his allegation. i