Thomas Roberts   |  June 26, 2013

Obama calls Prop 8 Plaintiffs during emotional moment

Kris Perry and Sandy Stier  the plaintiffs in the Supreme Court’s case against Proposition 8 received a congratulatory phone call from President Barack Obama, while be interviewed by MSNBC's Thomas Roberts Wednesday morning.

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>> introduce to you two of the plaintiffs from the prop 8 case , sandy stier and kris perry, both speaking from the steps moments ago. kris , let me start with you. you were very emotional in thanking everyone and also talking about going back to your four boys, most importantly, to let them know their family is just as important as other american families across this country. is that you are most looking forward to seeing on the heels of this decision, your kids?

>> well, the most important person to see would be sandy , because we have been in this battle now for four and a half years. and together we share that commitment to our kids, all four of them. and we are really actually dying to see them. but even in addition to our own kids, we are so elated over the way in which this helps all kids in california , growing up today, they don't have to live under the tyranny of a law that tells them they are less equal than everybody else . sandy and i could not be happier that we have left a legacy in california for all kids to feel equal.

>> not only have you left a legacy, you've left a legacy around the country. i think i see chad griffin from the hrc talking on the telephone, which i believe is with president obama . chad is right there.

>> the president is on the line from air force one.

>> president obama .

>> go ahead.

>> hello, mr. president this is kris perry.

>> and sandy stier, and we thank you so much for your support.

>> we're proud of you guys, and we're proud to have this in california . and it's because of your leadership things are heading the right way. so you should be very proud today. and, you know, you're -- through your courage.

>> thank you, mr. president!

>> have a great celebration.

>> well, thank you, and while we celebrate today, we know we've got to roll up our sleeves and get to work for those in the 37 states that didn't get marriage equality today. but we're well on our way. and thank you for your leadership.

>> you're invited to the wedding.

>> okay.

>> bye-bye.

>> thank you, mr. president.

>> thank you.

>> bye-bye.

>> sandy , kris , i see you have chad with you, as well as jeff zarillo and tom katami, an enormous call from the president saying we are proud of and you thank you for your leadership. obviously, you had the support of the white house all along.

>> i think we've had the support of the whole country. and the president, along with his leadership and so many others, i'm looking at the nation's capitol right now. we have the supreme court behind us. so many leaders in this country recognize that the future of our country, the prosperity of our country, lies in the enforcement of equality and fairness. that is what brings us together as a nation. i know our president believes that. i believe many other leaders in this country believe it. i know sandy and i believe it. it could not be a prouder moment.

>> sandy , what is the plan for a wedding? correct?

>> well, the plan is for a wedding. as soon as we possibly can. we don't know quite yet when that's going to be in california . but the second it's allowed, we will definitely be there with our beautiful sons. and we're so, so grateful to be able to get married. we're grateful we're getting married before any of them, because they're old enough now. and we're amazed by this amazing show of support by our president.

>> were you prepared for an alternative outcome today? were you prepared for different news? i saw jeff when he came to the podium, he had a secondary speech that he crumpled up. with understanding. that it might not have turned out this way.

>> it might not have. i was hoping so much to have a ruling on the merits, i hoped nothing more than for equality for all americans and every state of our country. equality is fundamental to the very basis of our society, and we look forward to the day when we have that, every state in the country, full equality.

>> kris , does this also mean -- i guess an extra-special moment in time because of what we witnessed with doma and what that means for now an 83-year-old civil rights icon for the lgbt community , edie windsor .

>> edie windsor is a hero. she absolutely did something for this country few people have ever done. she stood up for everybody. we're really proud to be in court on the day her case was also in court and we're even more proud that the justices saw their way to putting marriages on an equal platform in not only states but across this country. edie windsor is a hero. we could not be prouder to be involved in this on the same day as doma.

>> we say thank you and congratulations to both of you ladies. we'll let you get back, because i know a lot more people want to talk to you. an incredible moment there to watch president obama talking to you from air force one and congratulating you. thank you so much for sharing that moment with all of us. ladies, thank you. rachel maddow is joining me now from the studio. rachel, sorry, i'm a little flustered. i don't normally get president obama talking on an iphone --

>> you got bogarted on your own show by the president through somebody's iphone on speakerphone.

>> i kind of like it. my producer was like can you ask the president if he has anything to say on msnbc and i thought i'll just wait on that one.

>> sir, can i get a comment on your climate change speech?

>> just a quick question. i let it go. but that was an amazing moment. these women obviously -- they will go down in history, as well, along with edie windsor , civil rights icons for just american equality in general, but especially for the lgbt community .

>> yeah. and the personal stories here are interesting and strategically important. i mean, the edie windsor case, obviously is such a moving case. there was a documentary made about edie windsor and thea spyer before they were the plaintiffs in this case because they were such an inspiring couple anyway. they were together 44 years before thea spyer died but their lawyer, not a supreme court litigator. she was the personal lawyer hired by edie windsor having financial planning trouble trying to figure out this tax bill she never expected. and roberta caplin took that case. she is a high-power lawyer but not one of these guys who argue these cases, took it all the way for them as their personal lawyer. the famous adversaries in bush v. gore on the opposite side identified with partisan politics on the left and right coming together and having both the same personal commitment and the incredibly deeply forged friendship between them as straight men on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum taking on this fight on the prop 8 case . i mean, these fights have been remarkable fights and movies will be made about the personal drama here as well as the consequences.

>> certainly will. we've got reaction flowing in. we'll have that coming up. rachel, i'm going to ask you to stick around. supreme court decisions certainly