Thomas Roberts   |  June 27, 2013

Mandela’s condition still critical

NBC’s Keir Simmons has the latest on the condition of former South African President Nelson Mandela.

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>> to get on to some other news. nelson mandela 's conhas improved overnight. mandela remains in critical condition but now stable and well wishers and supporters continue to gather outside the hospital. speaking in senegal, president obama offered these thought about mandela .

>> i think he's a hero for the world. and if and when he pass from this place, one thing i think we'll all know is that his legacy is one that will linger on throughout the ages.

>> we can see the crowds behind you. the good news about mandela 's condition has to be a good word as spreading on the streets about how well the 94-year-old is doing.

>> yeah. right, thomas. people are blaerng it and there are growing crowds out here. if i move gently out of the way you can take a closer look. that's the crowd right outside of the entrance to the hospital and there family members came out of the hospital to collect some of the flowers that had been left for nelson mandela and one of them spoke and said thank you for all the love you've been showing and said nelson mandela stable. we heard from an interview from one of mandela 's daughters i won't lie it doesn't look good but when we speak to him he responds and tries to open his eyes. he's still there. he might be waning off but still there. at the same time nbc news has conducted an interview with another of nelson mandela 's daughters zindzi and she had this to say.

>> my father met with president obama . positively the other day i said to him obama is coming. when i spoke about president obama his eyes just opened and gave me the sweetest most gentle smile.

>> and zindzi men dandela talking to nbc news and suggesting her family would welcome a visit by president obama if doctors loud it.

>> do we know when the president will be traveling to that area of the country?

>> we expect him in a day or so. what we're told is that there hasn't been a formal request for president obama to come here to the hospital. that's what zindzi mandela says. there's many things for them to consider. clearly the conversation is being had.

>> thank you very much. i appreciate it.