Thomas Roberts   |  June 28, 2013

George Zimmerman trial continues, a day after a key prosecution witness testifies

Daryl Parks, the Martin family attorney, recaps the testimony of Rachel Jeantel and explains how it may impact the trial.

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>> daryl parks, the attorney for trayvon martin's family, we have mr. parks with us. sir, let me get your reaction to this witness and how trayvon martin's family is doing as this is now going into the 15th day.

>> well the family is, they're listening. they're watching what's taken place. they're very encouraged by what the prosecution's done so far, but as it relates to this witness today mr. good, i think he has not hurt them much in this case particularly although they tried to say he saw george zimmerman on top, he's also testified that he saw the person on top holding the person down, but also he does not describe the very graphic situation on the concrete that they had hoped. remember, in opening statement , don west said that he used the concrete as a weapon, and based on what i've heard so far here today it doesn't appear there was anything that would have put mr. zimmerman 's life in danger. remember, this is a self-defense claim that he has to prove so unless he can prove there was eminent danger to him which i have heard nothing today that would demonstrate that he should have been in fear of his life, given the fight that was taking place on the grass.

>> one thing that's gotten a lot of conversation, mr. parks, is the prosecution's key witness , maybe the star witness in all of this, rachel jeantel, who was on the stand for two days in a row. jurors took her testimony, listening intently to this 19-year-old who happened to be on the phone with trayvon martin right before he died. the questioning was pretty hard at times and there was a tense back and forth, i want to remind everybody.

>> trayvon got hit --

>> you don't know that, do you?

>> no, sir.

>> you don't know that trayvon got hit.

>> he could -- he had to.

>> you don't know that trayvon didn't at that moment take his fist and drive it into george zimmerman 's face.

>> please lower your voice.

>> do you?

>> no, sir.

>> was she a consistent witness on the stand, mr. parks? did she help the prosecution's case?

>> i think she helped the prosecution. what's important here is that she stayed with her core testimony. yes they tried to use some collateral issues to try and impeach her. she stayed with her court testimony. i want you to compare, because the witness today mr. good had a situation where some things evolved in his testimony, right, and i think that as this jury considers how they weigh the witnesses they will have to consider her in the same way they consider mr. good where he in his testimony indicated that as things progressed, as he gave more statements, more things come to mind. the one thing about a case like this one, the jury will be instructed don't leave your common sense at home. and so they'll be able to use their common sense to judge these things that they've heard and to determine whether or not of her brevity toward them and her testimony and most importantly holding to the core things she said in this case. number one that trayvon said he was being followed. number two, that the guy was up on and trayvon was in fear. trayvon said "this guy is creepy." he describes the guy as creepy so those things are important as it relates to veigh von's mind-set fearing george zimmerman and the fact that george zimmerman was following trayvon and profiled him.

>> mr. parks i want to jump off of that. there was more to the description of just being creepy. take a listen to how rachel said trayvon described him. oh, we don't have that, excuse me. let me read it out, she described when they were asked whether or not this was a racial element to this, describing the person as what made you think it was racial, she said yes because he described him as creepy ass cracker. yes, so it was racial but it was because trayvon put race in it and she said no. is trayvon martin being put on trial here?

>> think about her answer, she said no. the other part of it you have to say she describes trayvon describing zimmerman with the "n" word so it's a matter of slang he used in the course of it in describing mr. zimmerman , he used the "c" word and the "n" word describing mr. zimmerman . you have to go back to the fact that george zimmerman is the person that saw trayvon, described him as suspicious, described him as black, described him as being on drugs or something, and he decided, so the mind-set of george zimmerman is the real initiator of what happened on this night and you have to remember that because you can try to move the ball to trayvon but trayvon was not following george zimmerman . we know that for sure.