Thomas Roberts   |  July 02, 2013

Demands for President Morsi’s resignation continue in Egypt

A day after the military issued an ultimatum threatening to intervene, anti-government protests continued in Egypt on Tuesday. NBC’s Ayman  Mohyeldin joins MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts with the latest.

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>> looking right now at tahrir square. packed once again with people for a third straight day. the clock is running down on this ultimatum that's been given to mohammed morsi from egypt's military. expiring tomorrow. within the last few hours mor si's office tweeted out a photo showing him meeting with the defense minister and prime minister. several members of the cab met and two of his suppose people already jumped ship. nbc ne we know that it means business when egypt's army, the independent army, gets involved to give this ultimatum. what are the options for mor si as calls for his ouster gets louder?

>> no position from the muslim brotherhood and president morsi intends to stay in power. the question is can they right now create some kind of power sharing agreement between president morsi and political opposition that can five way forward for early elections. keep in mind early elections was one of the main demands of the protest over the past several weeks and they say that that's going to be the only way that they are going to withdraw from the streets and that really depends on whether or not some kind of agreement can be reached in the next 20 hours. it does not seem so far that's likely to happen but that is one possible scenario.

>> do the protesters feel encouraged by the fact they sawmill tier helicopters flying over giving them the signal they had intervened with some type of prospect for a solution?

>> absolutely. the people in tahrir square, those that signed the petition, calling on president mor si to step down from office, they are viewing the military statement one way. it is an ultimatum for president morsi to solve the problem or leave office. there's no chance that he will solve it in the way he's attempted to in the past that would satisfy them. the way they are looking at the military's involvement is that the military has sided with the people and is now asking the president to listen and meet all of their demands, including stepping down from office or ending the political stalemate.

>> we will continue to watch the clock together. great to see you. thank you, sir.