Thomas Roberts   |  July 16, 2013

Senators reach deal to avoid the nuclear option

In a rare display of bipartisanship on Capitol Hill, Senate Democrats and Republicans reached a deal to prevent the nuclear option from being triggered. Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., discusses the last minute deal with MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts.

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>>> news from capitol hill . a tentative deal to prevent the so-called nuclear option to change the senate's filibuster roles on executive nom nations and after both sides failed to reach an green light in a rare joint caucus last night. senate majority leader reid says the two parties will discuss it at their lunch meetings today. joining me now north dakota 's former governor and now a republican senator, john hoeven . sources on both parties say the senate deal is calling for the replacement of two nominees to the nlrb labor which get to pick two new candidates and the other five nominees to go forward. this means that senator reid will withdrawal his threat to use that nuclear option . what is your reaction to this deal?

>> it's good news. we have worked very hard over the weekend to put it together. i think what it reflects is not only the respect for the senate rules but really in understanding to get solutions, we have got to work in a bipartisan way. i hope this is a step to more bipartisan solutions to meet the challenges that our country faces.

>> let's talk about bipartisan solutions because a vote on the nomination of richard cordray to be the protection bureau is going forward. where do you think that is going to go? i know there have been objections not just to him but also the fact of having, you know, the consumer protection finance board.

>> we are having that vote right now and so that is the first step in the agreement we will vote for that allows a straight up and down vote for richard courtray. we have real concerns about the cfpb. looking for more transparency and accountable and issues beyond that but that is different from allowing that vote for mr. cordray. we will allow that vote and continue to work on the cfpb and that legislation.

>> when you talk about that, senator, is it your goal to have more of a multilayered top to that, or would you like to see just one director? someone who can have accountable or is it the gop stance they would like to see a merging of people at the top for accountability?

>> i have problems with the whole agency. but specifically as to this deployment we would like an inspector general pointed. the agency should be subject to that process so a number of things we will try to do.

>> listen to jeff america all right. we did not get the commitment that we tried to get. we would try to confirm it now. address the nominations that need to be address to do make the system work for working people .

>> do you think when we look at this, senator, that the president in wanting to put together and cobble together the team for his second administration, does he not have a right to pick that team?

>> we are allowing him to pick his team. if you look at the statistics, that's what it shows. that's why we have been able to broker a deal here because when you get down to the facts, we are allowing to have his team, at the same time, we have got to come together on solutions in a bipartisan way. that is what this deal really reflects.

>> senator john hoeven , great to have you here. appreciate your time and we will let you get back to work. you're making progress there. we like that.