Thomas Roberts   |  July 17, 2013

Judge will hear arguments on Wisconsin abortion bill

A federal judge is set to consider fast-tracked legislation signed into law by Wisconsin’s Republican Gov. Scott Walker earlier in the month. The law requires abortion providers to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals, but a judge issued a temporary restraining order last week after Planned Parenthood and the ACLU quickly filed suit. Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Tanya Atkinson discusses.

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>>> state legislators and advocates for women's health care in wisconsin today. the judge will consider fast track legislation signed by scott walker , the republican governor, in early june. it provides abortion providers have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. the bill was enacted in 24 34 days. it temporary restraining order was issued last week. the judge found a drubltroubling lack of justification and today's -- joining me now is tonya atkinson executive director of planned parenthood advocates of wisconsin . thank you for being here.

>> thank you for having me.

>> under sb 206 two abortion clinics shut down completely and remaining reduced to 50% capacity. in his opinion the judge comment on the difficulty of traveling northern wisconsin 's roads. how severely will this impact women in wisconsin ?

>> this will have a huge impact to women in wisconsin and as the judge commented, we have women who are traveling, you know, upwards of six to ten hours to receive access to care and to shut down two of the four remaining centers and greatly reduce the capacity at the other two will really have indelible impact. it's a time sensitive procedure so these barriers and delays pose a risk to women's health and lives.

>> wisconsin had already some of the most stringent laws in wisconsin when the governor came into office. what effects do these measures have on access to health care beyond abortion?

>> right. i think that is a really important point to make is that since governor walker has taken office, we have seen reduction in access to health care . we were defunded which caused us to close four of our family planning centers, but it's not just about planned parenthood . the most recent state budget , about a hundred thousand people will lose access to our medicaid program which we call badger care. when you look at everything in its entirety, it's a really, really tough place to be, you know, a woman right now, because we are seeing more and more restrictions to even the most bas basic birth control. the health centers we closed provided these services. so really basic health care is at risk in wisconsin .

>> all right. tonya atkinson, executive director of planned parenthood advocates in wisconsin , thank you for joining me this morning.

>> thank you.