Thomas Roberts   |  July 25, 2013

Crane lifts wrecked Spain train car off track

NBC’s Keir Simmons reports from Spain where investigators are working to determine the cause of a train crash that killed at least 78 people.

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>> time. moments ago we showed you those startling security video shows the moment a passenger train derailed and crashed in spain . 78 people killed. kyra simmons the live at the site. kyra , what do we know about how this happened. i know it's early.

>> reporter: it is early, richard , but you saw from those pictures how fast the train appears to have been going. by the way you can see behind me now this crane lifting one of the train cars up from the track. this is, i think, the third car that i have seen lifted. there were seven carriages on the locomotive itself and i'll just take around to look for myself. you can just see the extraordinary damage that's been done, the smashed windows. when you see inside the carriage, you see the possession of ordinary parents people who were on board getting ready for a station stop and having cups of coffee that sort of stuff is strewn around because you can just see how damaging this crash was. windows smashed, rescue workers who arrived on the scene, smashed windows to pull people out because the next problem they had was that there was a fire on board so they were desperate to rescue the 247 around that passengers who were on board. this crash so serious that it appears as if almost all of the passengers on board were either killed or injured in this crash.

>> you know, kyra , this is their high-speed train system similar to the acela in the northeast of the united states . spain having a lot of experience when it comes to these high-speed trains. you wouldn't expect it home to have this sort of difficulty.

>> yeah. richard it's very difficult to hear you at times here but i know you're asking about this as a high-speed train. certainly that is being looked at. there are reports it was traveling faster than the speed limit on this line and you can see behind this wrecked carriage that there's a bend in track and that's what train was heading around when the accident happened. if it was going too fast perhaps, perhaps and it is early days as you say that might have between cause. certainly we know that the driver's role is being investigated and, richard , too, some worrying news today. we understand that two people on board were from houston. one of them we understand may have been injured. we don't know how serious that is. another it is suggested might thankfully be okay. if that is the case then that is an extraordinary escape from this terrifying crash.

>> kyra simmons live in front of the crash scene there in spain . thank you so