Thomas Roberts   |  August 16, 2013

Message of Hope Foundation brings joy to sick children

Emi and Kevin Burke started the Message of Hope Foundation to bring joy to children in the hospital. They discuss their foundation and what they hope to accomplish with  join MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts

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>>> time now for this week's "go and do" highlighting those who reach out to help others. today we're talking about the happy help project. it become when emmy and kevin burke found themselves in the hospital with their young son. the burkes noticed lots of kids in the hospital without activities, like crayons and games and from there came the idea for the happy hope bags and joining me now are emmy and kevin burke . emmy , i know you started the message of hope foundation back in 2011 . tell me the kind of response that you've had to this project since then from the community, from families of these kids that you've been able to help.

>> thanks, thomas. it's been absolutely incredible. so many folks have come forward. thousands and thousands of schoolchildren have really used their lives to help us spread hope to children who are hospitali hospitalized. lots of wonderful corporate sponsors of come on board like u.p.s., viacorps. wonderful people who are really using their resources and their time and their lives to make a difference to these wonderful kids in the hospital.

>> kevin, you really have planted a seed. in addition to the hope bags, just so everybody knows, they have everything, crayons, stickers, itune gift cards for kids, you're also helping to get children eyeglasses so that's so important for these kids. so sponsors and donors out there that want to help with this project, how can they get involved?

>> well, i would ask them to visit our website. message of hope all the ideas are there. they can follow us on facebook and twitter. you know, we've just completed the message of hope foundation factory in new england where we collected and distributed 1500 bags and we're in the process of -- we're asking for hope so that we can fill approximately 2500 more at the baltimore hope factory event.

>> we love looking at the images of the kids here. it's really fantastic. real fast, though, before we let you go, how has forming this foundation changed your lives and also what it means to your son?

>> you know, it's amazing. in the very beginning we were told that connor would not have a life really, that he would never walk and sit and make an impact. and when i look out now over thousands of children who are receiving these bags, who are filled with hope, to know that there's always a possibility, never give up. it is absolutely amazing to watch a child who was given very little hope be able to under t -- turn it around and use his gift to inspire others to use their life to make a difference.

>> we beneficiary nothing but luck to you and yours and say thank you to emi and kevin burke to come on and share. hopefully we'll get lots of people coming your way to volunteer and donate. thanks so much.

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