Thomas Roberts   |  September 20, 2013

House votes to fund gov't. and defund Obamacare

On Friday, the House voted to fund the government and to defund the president's health care law.

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>>> back to the house floor. on the right-hand side you see now the screen of the vote that happened earlier. at the moment there is a gathering on the left side. this of republican leadership. they had planned after the vote to come together and provide what they are calling a rally. really a briefing, if you will, of what has happened and that vote, 230-189. the continuing resolution which also includes a defunding of obama care has passed. 230-189. there were two democrats that were part of that 230. there was one republican vote that was against it. so 230-189. in the bill that has just passed it includes the funding of the government at $986 billion until december 15th . basically ten days before christmas. it includes a provision that would defund obama care, as i just mentioned. it also includes the full faith and credit act, which was introduced by representative mcclintock from california, which would allow the treasury to make timely payments as was needed. now, this will now go to the senate where it will surely fail. at that point the question is what will be sent back to the house to take a look at what will be able to move forward. now, we're going to bring in a democratic congressman shortly to get his response on this vote that just had happened moments ago. about five minutes ago in terms of what might be the next step. that's representative yarmuth, who will join us very shortly of the and when they begin their comments there at the republican rally, we'll also take you to that. stay with us right here on msnbc, the place for politics. oing what you