Thomas Roberts   |  September 20, 2013

'It's time to stop this': Dem. responds to House GOP

On Friday, the House voted to fund the government and to defund the president's health care law. 230 voted to defund Obamacare and 189 opposed. NBC News' Kasie Hunt and Rep. John Yarmuth, D-Ky., discuss.

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>> all right. speaker john boehner . that at the republican rally that happened right after that vote that occurred 15 minutes ago on the continuing resolution which included the defunding of obama care. the vote there again at 230-189. i want to bring in casey hunt. so, casey , we expected this to happen this way, that it would go the way the speaker wanted it to. but now it goes over to the senate. the question is will we get a filibuster?

>> well, at this point they're trying to blame the senate. that's where the house has sort of taken its lumps, especially the house leadership. they're saying, okay, look, we signed up, we did this and now it's your turn. there's a considerable amount of anger at senator ted cruz who has been one of the leading agitators of this. cruz and at a press conference yesterday to laud them. but now will cruz mount a filibuster? there's some question about whether or not he can because of the senate rules about how you handle a budget resolution like this one. but he has pledged to use any and all procedural means that he has available. you also saw republicans there trying to hang this on senate democrats , particularly some of those who are vulnerable potentially in the upcoming midterms in 2014 .

>> right.

>> you saw them name mark pryor , who's down in arkansas running against congressman tom cotton , who is one of the more conservative voices in the house, mary landrieu in louisiana. but on the whole, harry reid has said repeatedly, and we never have any reason to doubt him when he does say this, that he has the votes. and this defund obama care project is not going to go through the senate and they're in fact going to send a bill back to the house at the end of next week that doesn't defund the president's health care plan.

>> this is the focus of 2014 as all of these members want to get re-elected. casey hunt, thank you so much for that. i want to bring in democratic congressman john yarmuth from kentucky. he joins us right now. congressman, it's going to come back to the house again. after the senate says basically no, we don't like it, it will come back to the speaker. the speaker will then perhaps reach out to you and say help me get the votes so i can pass something through. what are you going to ask from him? what do you want from him in order to support what he might do?

>> what we'd like to have is more reasonable spending levels. the levels we'll be voting on decimate many programs across our districts. as we know from sequestration, docking military pay, killing headstart programs and meals on wheels programs. so we're going to ask for a higher level of spending to more adequately fund these very vital programs.

>> there's also the president. he's going to be holding a meeting with hill leaders next week we are hearing. in the past these sort of high-level meetings haven't borne too much fruit. might you expect something from that meeting or is it better that the president lay low on this?

>> well, i think, you know, the tendency is to just kind of sit back and watch the republicans cannibalize each other. i think that would be irresponsible. i think the president ought to become engaged. my senator, mitch mcconnell , is in the middle of a very difficult political situation. so one of the people who could actually help negotiate a resolution to this impasse is kind of on the sidelines because of his own political situation. but i think the president ought to be engaged.

>> one democrat did vote -- two democrats voted yes for the continuing resolution that just passed. what might be driving them?

>> well, i think some people, i don't know who the two were, but it might have been that the spending levels in the cr that we just voted on were too low. it might have been a couple people who actually are sensitive to the affordable care act , don't support it. again, i don't know which two they were. but two out of 201 of us is not a very significant factor.

>> congressman, we've seen some 40 votes to defund obama care happen so far. is it going to be that intractable here with the continuing resolution , the budget going forward, that they will not move off of center here or what's center for them?

>> well, you know the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over , expecting a different result. so 41 times they did it. they litigated it when it was debated initially. they litigated it during the presidential campaign last year and lost. 41 votes this year. you know, it's time to just stop this and understand that they're not going to be successful.

>> will it stop based on what you said? 41 times?

>> well, right now the first 41 times were abusive to the system and the process. this one has the potential of being abusive to the country if it results in shutting down the government. if they try it again in the debate over the debt ceiling, they will really damage the country and possibly the world economy . i think the american people will tell them it's time to stop this when they're actually holding hostage the very operation of our government.

>> what speaker boehner did over the last ten days, as you have watched, he's come through with a solution for himself, if you will. basically saying, okay, tea partiers, i'm giving you what you will. it will fail and you will learn a lesson. you are saying they will not learn a lesson. so does it save the speaker, does it save face for him here?

>> you know, we had a meeting about another subject yesterday and one of our members, our leadership made a very important comment. he said at some point speaker boehner is going to decide that he doesn't want this job anymore and then we'll get a break in this log jam. this particular leader said he thinks that boehner is close to that. i wouldn't blame him a bit if he just said i'm going to cut you 40 ideologues loose, i have a responsibility to the country. i don't care if i have this job anymore. it's not very much fun anyway.

>> how close are you saying?

>> i think if we get to the debt ceiling vote and risk the defaulting on our obligations as a country and risk the full faith and credit of the united states , i think that's the time when you put the nation first and you say this job is not worth it.

>> that's when big business comes in and says, hey, this really does count in some practical ways. not that this does not. thank you, congressman john yarmuth for your commentary today and your perspective. again, we are just learning within the last 22 minutes as we were watching the house floor, the vote passing the continuing resolution that will defund obama care. that passed 230-189. we'll continue to watch the reaction coming out of the beltway as well as other news when we return here on msnbc. wisest kid in