Thomas Roberts   |  November 08, 2013

Stand by your man--Joe Biden

President Obama is sticking by Vice President Joe Biden in his exclusive interview with NBC's Chuck Todd. The Root's Keli Goff, the Huffington Post's Ryan Grim, and the New Republic's Jonathan Cohn discuss.

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>>> did you really not know that your campaign was researching this idea of swapping joe biden for hillary clinton ?

>> people do all kinds of stuff. some of it they clear with me, sometimes they're trying to figure something out. if they had asked me, i would have said there is no way that i'm not running again with joe biden , because i genuinely believe that he has been one of the best vice presidents in our history. he also happens to be a friend. he also happens to be one of my most important advisers on domestic and foreign policy . i like him. when my back is up against the wall, he has my back.

>> president obama sticking by vice president joe biden in his exclusive interview with nbc's chuck todd . meanwhile it seems nearly everybody in the gop is hating on new jersey governor chris christie these days. there's a lot for our agenda panel to chew on on this friday. joining us special correspondent for the keli goff . also ryan grim and jonathan cohn , a senior editor at the new republic. kelly , let's start with you. what do you make of this possibility that's discussed of swapping out joe biden .

>> with all due respect to the president, i think we saw his nose growing a little bit when he new absolutely nothing anybody was discussing this. do i think he heard chatter people said we might be doing some polling to swap him with hillary, yeah.

>> but that is possible that the president may be shielded from that discussion?

>> look, this is deja vu all over again. let's not forget president bush said at one point he was considering possibly swapping out dick cheney . i don't think this is completely crazy. i wrote about it actually last year, an article whether it would boost the president if they did just that because polling seemed to indicate it might and also gaubecause the gop as has so many women candidates they were lifting at the time.

>> ryan , the authors of "double down" say when vice president biden was tested against hillary clinton , they basically came in about the same level. there wasn't much difference evidently. what might have happened if hillary clinton did test higher?

>> well, i mean immediately it would have looked a little bit desperate. you know, what is obama trying to compensate for here by putting in hillary clinton and dumping joe biden . and they didn't want that. they certainly didn't want that sense of desperation. but if she had become vice president and was now vice president, it would only solidify her position as the kind of president in waiting, which she already has just with her kind of consulting gig that she has with the clinton project or whatever it is she's doing. she's the president -- she's this designated president in waiting.

>> jonathan, that's your thought?

>> well, you know, this strikes me as one of these classic situations where the strategists who were thinking about this are kind of missing the big picture . whether or not biden polls higher or not, when you think about what made obama an appealing candidate, part of the fact is that he's stable, he's steady, he doesn't change his mind a lot, he's responsible. suddenly switching vice presidential candidates, you know, after one term, i just think that would have looked -- it would have looked out of character for him and would have actually hurt his, you know what they call his overall brand.

>> let's turn to our second topic for the agenda panel today. chris christie , 2016 , texas governor rick perry on msnbc's "daily rundown" this morning. chuck todd asked him if christie is conservative enough to be the nominee. listen.

>> there's a lot of time between now and 2016 . i would suggest governor christie and the rest of us need to focus on 2014 , making sure that we elect more governors that have those policies put in place to create jobs, to create wealth, to be the juxtaposition.

>> kelly , does he have the cred here to get it done in the primaries?

>> here's what interesting is chris christie has more conservative street cred than mitt romney was. mitt romney was on the record was being pro gun control before he wasn't. chris christie combines the best qualities of a giuliani and a romney, which is not a bad thing for conservatives, even though there's a liberal narrative that he's not going to get past the primary. i think he'll have an easier role in the primaries than romney did.

>> that he can maneuver through the primaries and into the general election . jonathan, chris christie is getting a lot of mainstream attention as well. here he is on the new " michael j. fox show."

>> we'll be speaking to the governor of new jersey , chris christie . governor, welcome.

>> mike, thanks for having me. i'm so glad to see you back doing your job. i find your story so inspiring. in fact i think it's so inspiring that there's been a lot of speculation about things and i feel so inspired that i think i should make an announcement, so mike --

>> a little snooze there. mitt romney saying that governor christie could save the republican party but then again, as was noted by kelly , mitt romney wasn't a conservative favorite either.

>> right. the question with christie , it's all about his temperament plays. on the one hand for the republican base, they're going to remember that christie was the guy paling around with president obama . there was that great "saturday night live" sketch where he was just lavishing praise on obama . obviously in the republican base, they hate obama so maybe that cuts the wrong way. on the other hand, we're talking about a very fiesty guy, a guy who gets angry, a guy who can be pretty nasty. maybe that taps into the anger in the tea party and maybe because of that, you know, they're willing to overlook some of his things and willing to overlook the fact he has said nice things about obama . so it's really a question of which one of those plays more psychological psychologically.

>> ryan , quickly here, more of christie in the primary, he's going to have to face a bunch of tea party favorites. here they are taking him on.

>> we need moderates like chris christie who can win in new jersey in our party. what that means about the national party , i'm not sure there's an answer.

>> every race is particular to the state that it's run in so there are factors in new jersey that i think are individual to that race.

>> governor christie has certainly shown a way of winning in new jersey and states like new jersey.

>> you know, another potential 2016 rival, senator ted cruz , hasn't shown christie much love. what's your thought, will it be christie versus the tea party basically?

>> yes. and the tea party candidates, perry, cruz, paul, they want to make sure that they can get in front of any inevitable tee that starts to build up because once that happens, they're worried that he could steam roll his way to the nomination because the republican primary electorate does have a long history of electing the person that they think is able to beat the democrat. and as much as they hate obama , republicans, you know, just despised president clinton and hillary clinton will be just the same for them.

>> thank you so much, keli goff , ryan grim, jonathan cohn . chris christie joins david greg gregory this sunday on "meet the press." you can find more on our panel on our website,