Thomas Roberts   |  December 27, 2013

12-year-old educates youth on environment

Environmentalist Brooklyn Wright talks with Brian Shactman about her work as “Earth Saver Girl” to educate other young people about environmental issues.

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>>> uplifting kids' story. it is friday, time for "go and do," our spotlight on those who try to improve the lives of others. brooklyn wright is no ordinary 12-year-old. she's made it her mission to rid the planet of trash and pollution. she's even created a superhero.

>> she is a superhero i created to help me educate kids and other people about the environment. the whole process was really fun. writing the book, working on the costume. we made it green and blue. here's the earth and recycle sign.

>> five years ago when she was 7 she wrote a book called "the adventures of earth saver girl." earth saver girl brooklyn wright joins me from atlanta. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> it's great to have you. i'm just going to tell you you're awesome.

>> thank you.

>> what made you get involved with this particular issue when had you were 7? tell us the story.

>> i was in a club called the earth savers, and all they wanted to talk about was reduce, reuse and recycle. it's important. but i wanted to focus on other things like what led to prevention. it's important because it's ugly in our community, costs billions to pick up, and most of all it's illegal. so i wrote a book and had ahero named eart h saver girl and thought it woo get their attention and it did.

>> tell me about this. you go to a lot of schools and events. you've won awards . tell us about the experience of going in front of these groups and pushing this issue forward.

>> it 's wonderful seeing the kids' expressions. at first, they're like, ooh, gross, i don't want to touch litter. but at the end, they're all fighting to use my litter getter. now i feel like my mission has been accomplished.

>> what's next for you?

>> i plan on having my very first environmental overnight summer camp . we're going to do things like hike, canoe, and explore nature. also, i'm going to donate ten learning gardens to ten different schools.

>> tell me abothis. when you grow up, what do you want to be?

>> i want to be a talk show host . i'll never stop fighting for our earth. and i also want to be a fashion designer. have an eco-friendly clothing line.

>> that sounds pretty cool. if people want to get involved, tell us where they need to go to learn more about it.

>> go to my web site , earth saver

>> tell me this, you are so well rehearsed and polished. do you practice your presentations? do you have it down to a science? tell me about when you're not on tv talking? is this the same way you talk to your friends?

>> yes, sir, i talk to my friends aaabbout it a lot.

>> brooklyn , good luck to you. the book and the character, such a great idea. i love it.

>> thank you.

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