Up Late with Alec Baldwin   |  October 18, 2013

Debra Winger’s Alec Baldwin story

Actress and activist Debra Winger tells the story of how Alec Baldwin came to visit her at her Broadway debut, and what that meant to her.

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>> wanted to tell about me -- did you want?

>> i thought we were going to ease into this.

>> let it rip. we'll cut it out of the show if i don't like it.

>> no, the story is this. barbara walters didn't make me cry. so you are not going to get sappy on this. so i may get tougher than i need to got to compensate. i will tell you.

>> don't scare me.

>> you did something for me that you may not know that you did. although i told you you did it. you may not have heard me. i told you when you got off stage. but, i did a broadway play last year. and you -- you came backstage. i knew nothing about broadway. it was my debut, which is hilarious to have that word in your -- in your lexicon for the year of, you know, that you are, the age i am. so that was a beautiful thing. i was having an enormous experience. but i dent knidn't know any of the protocol. used to ask the guy at the door, what do people do? and he would go, oh, yeah. those guys. so he basically.

>> change your own lightbulb in the dressing room .

>> i had no idea. putting on my own makeup. that was fun for me to figure it out. on a broadway stage . and you came backstage. i think my kids were there that night. and you were --

>> the last night.

>> you came in as i was getting to that.

>> you're messing my story up. it wasn't the last night. that i knew of. it wasn't the last night. you dent come idn't come on closing night. you've came the night before we found out we were closing. so anyway you came, i am like wow this is cool. this is cool. what's going on? why is alec baldwin in my dressing room ? gosh, i haven't seen him in so long. can he just walk mine dressing room . you are there. later.

>> where is winger!

>> i look people ike people to understand that you have that as part of you, a character you have played. it is not who you are all right time. you definitely were doing it that night which was great for me. it was like you just needed a cape. congratulations, darling.

>> debra, darling.

>> do you want to go for a drink?

>> forward my calls to the hotel.

>> patty get up here. it was wild.

>> i was watching all this going on. part of it, part of i'm part of it now. and they came and told us we were closing.

>> that is so funny. welcome you abroad. with an apple. barrymore. the next day.

>> the next day which would be our first performance without the director present. which as you know in a play, means a lot. when you get to open the director leaves. in this case it was writer/director, david mana. could do a whole another show about. let's not go an inch over there. hi, dave . this is, dave story. this ring. dave mana story. the producer met us at the door that night.

>> richards.

>> jeffrey richards . and said, i'm sorry. it was a full house . it was sold out for some night to come. but can this happen it? is like when my first kid got stuck in the birth canal . i said "can this happen?" so then i went up to my dressing room . i was in shock like physical shock as well. i was in shock. like a little kid. i think that that is an important thing to reiterate. that i -- i have a lot of things that still respond from a very little small young place. that's just become so okay. so i was in my room about 9, 11 years old. taking in this news. like, this could happen? i mean we only were doing a short run anyway. now we are only going to do 40? and suddenly, you, you appeareden front of me. having been there the night before. you were so friendly and so warm and, i remembered that night instead. of where i, what i was feeling. i got over it. and i'll never forget how kind that was of you to just ignore whether i let you in my dressing room or not, that you knew that it was going to be a good thing to come in, tell me i did a good job, and congratulate me, because you know, we don't know what's going to happen the next day. i came to your show to tell you, to see orphans, and you were amazing in that show. you were -- you were really transcendent as was ben foster . really. i dug the show. but i bought my tickets at the last minute. i took my soon to be daughter-in-law. and we were sitting in like the third row on the left side. so i kind of had a weird seat. you go upstage you are offstage if you had a normal seat. i didn't have a there mall seanormal seat. i saw the platform, that was the fake upstairs. i saw you drop to the ground and do pushups. and my heart just, my heart melted. i thought this is it. i don't care what it means. i don't care, it's just not, not to, that you at our age, we are still just figuring out how to do it the best way we can. and not cheat people out of their money. and you know, some time we get there. some times we don't. but the effort is so beautiful. so thanks for giving me the behind the scenes , the bat, the dressing room , and that's why i am doing