Up   |  October 07, 2012

Perceptions of news outlets choosing sides on immigration

Up host Chris Hayes poses the question: if news outlets abandon the term "illegal immigrant," would it be perceived as choosing a side on a political issue? Hayes' panelists debate.

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>>> jose, you have been, you have been working to get --

>> i have been walking an uncomfortable conversation.

>> about getting rid of the term illegal immigrant for news outlets. it's used in our public debate, the campaign, used in a very specific way. are you worried about the fact when something becomes litigated in the political sphere and you are "the new york times" saying we are going to make these style choices they are then in a position if they stop using illegal immigrant they begin looking like they are alienating?

>> i'm not privileged enough to be a republican nor a democrat. i can't vote.

>> right.

>> so, all i know is i'm not actually, to me, the word illegal is an entry point. it's not a slice of the pie, it's a pan. right? i'm not talking about -- to me, changing the term means actually broadening and changing and opening up the conversation, right? what is the difference between you and me? i don't have papers, you do. i don't have the right documents, you do. we are arguing about pieces of paper. when you look back at this 50 or 60 years from now, i remember getting into lou dobbs a few months ago, looking him in the eye saying when you use that term illegal, there are kids hearing that. what do you think that does to somebody? right? we are arguing about pieces of paper. i think that's so important to talk about this. look, as a journalist, i have been doing this for a decade now, i know because i'm friends with journalists, the last thing a journalist wants to encounter is to be told what to do and say. the pc police . this is about a matter of accuracy and description. are we being as descriptive as we can be?

>> you know what happens? if suddenly we -- i wonder what you would think about the conversation if we then, not that i do this all the time and it's going to sound really out there. many people said who were the first illegal aliens , the first in this country.

>> the settlers.

>> the pilgrims. call them that. no, you don't want that to happen. on the issue of style, who is in the style meeting. with the demographic change that is occurring in our country, that diversity in the media must occur.

>> two papers have styles. don't use them. it's indicative of something, the miami herald --

>> the " huffington post ."

>> those two newspapers say something about the business decision of who their readers are. they are doing it for the benefit of the readings. what you should know for the week ahead next. ust have