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Walmart workers on strike in California

Up host Chris Hayes has what you should know for the week to come, including how sometimes labor strikes work - they just take a lot of time.

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>>> so, what should you know for the week coming up? sometimes labor strikes work but sometimes that takes a lot of time. on thursday, several dozen workers from nine los angeles walmarts along with a couple hundred supporters held a strike and rally outside one of those walmarts. several dozen is not national news. anyone striking against walmart is. the striking worker said they were protesting unfair labor practices , including retaliation for attempts to organize and complaining about working conditions. other walmart workers employed in the warehouses in california have also recently struck complaining about 120-degree temperatures in the warehouse among other things. walmart said it does not own the warehouses but told "the new york times" conditions have been addressed there. we'll be talking about this again if they haven't.

>>> the next time you hear somebody demand more spending for national security . a new senate investigation raises serious questions about what value the department of homeland security has in the effort to root out terrorist plats. the report on investigation found, for instance, syria's problems at homeland security 's 72 regional offices run by local officials fusion centers, four of the 72 listed by dhs don't exist. the intelligence they gathered was described as "uneven" oftentimes shoddy, rarely timely and more often than not, unrelated to terrorism. more than than not, unrelated to terrorism. a senate report was in -- homeland security is probably the most ineffective agency in the government, adding, because he's a republican besides social security . the next debate in the 2012 presidential campaign will be thursday night featuring the vice presidential candidates, incumbent joe biden and paul ryan . i will be part of the msnbc coverage. led by rachel maddow , chris matthews and others.

>>> when you watch this and constituent two presidential key baits, you should know what the meaning of half is. romney said the -- about half of those businesses they've supported have gone out of business. never mind that $90 billion hasn't been spent yet. never mind that only about $34 billion was allocated for that kind of clean energy business loans and never mind the energy department has only approved $16 billion worth of those loans. never mind the romney campaign said he was only talking about businesses that got those loans in the first year. never mind that only three businesses actually went under. forget all that and you're still left with the fact that most government will be on the hook for those businesses that went under is an estimated $600 million. or roughly equal to one half of $90 billion. roughly. i want to find out what my guests thinking we should know. let's begin with jose antonio vargas.

>> you should know that a full 4.5 million young americans who have a parent undocumented. when you refer to them as illegal alien . you're talking about someone's mom or someone's dad. i think mitt romney ought to know that. in some of the states, like north carolina and florida and ohio, there are enough latino and asian voters to exceed the margin of victory. using illegal alien can alienate.

>> we never got to the alien part of that construction, but it's general consensus. we have total table consensus on that. brook gladstone .

>> you should know about a 2006 study done about democrats and republicans and how they reason. when faced with the hypocrisy or contradictory statements of their own candidates and then given a reason to sort of think their way out of it problem, what they -- no parts of their reasoning part of their brain lit up in any unusual way. the other parts lit up incredib incredibly. once they were done, talking themselves into the idea that their candidate was okay, they got a super shot of dopamine. so you should know that -- we are wired to lie to ourselves and as the election proceeds, keep that in mind.

>> these are mris when you go in the tunnel and they scan your brain with the different colors in different parts.

>> they find out you don't reason when you're figuring out what to think about your candidate. once up finish successfully lying to yourself, the reasoning parts light up again and you get a shot of dopamine. it's like coke.

>> i would take a page from brooke actually. we have to realize as is becoming increasingly clear in the world of psychology that emotion plays a whole lot more of a role in our quote-unquote reasoning processes than we think. it's in jonathan heights wonderful book. we have to apply that knowledge to the debates that we're going to see where there will be people trained to appeal to the emotions over the reasons that some of the wonkier people would run the debates. we feel rather than we reason. therefore, when we change terms, often the fact that the terms mean a certain thing in terms of reason has less to do than how society feels and maybe that's what we need to do something about.

>> jonathan height has been on the phone. that's a fascinating book. i am unpersuaded by it. i want to get on the record.

>> it's a fascinating book.

>>> maria?

>> i'm going to throw out another term that needs to change. you should know that the next conversation is minority, which is another term that i haven't used in my vocabulary for 20 years. what is a minority? in fact, we can change the definition of minority which is not necessarily powerless. the other thing you need to know or want to know is i'll be in tucson, san diego and albuquerque with my new pbs television pilot called america by the numgs. come see me. we'll be screening.

>> check that out. we'll put that on our website. i want to thank my guests. brook gladstone john mcwhorter from columbia university , maria from pbs need to know . thank you all. thank you for joining us. we'll be back next weekend. saturday and sunday at 8:00 eastern time including tom stemberg the founder of staples, adviser in the romney campaign and nate silver , new author.

>>> melissa harris-perry is up next. the roberts court could be ready to end it once and for all. what's at stake and who is at play. that's melissa harris-perry coming up next. we'll see you next week. have a great week here on "up." [ male announcer ] how do you turn an entrepreneur's dream... into a scooter that talks to the cloud? or make 70,000 trades a second... reach one customer at a time? how do you help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... into a fifth anniversary of remission? or turn 30-million artifacts... into a high-tech masterpiece? whatever your business challenge,