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What gay politics looks like 20 years from now

Chris Hayes’ guests look at what gay politics could look like after the marriage fight, and the similarities in the fight for gay rights versus the fight for women’s rights and the right to choose.

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>>> about the two huge cases before the supreme court this week which are monumental. i should probably put my microphone on. given the fact that the trajectory of public opinion is what it is, i'm really curious what you think. i'm curious the two of you with the perspective you have about the -- social movement for equality, what politics looks like after the marriage? what's what is that -- what is gay politics after marriage?

>> well, i think that it is going to be like a -- i worry it is going to be two-tiered where some people will have access to lots of rights and privileges because they live in certain states, because they are of an economic status where we can access and assert our rights. other people that are not really touched by these issues of marriage are going to continue to face overcriminalization and, you know, stop and frisk. all these other issues that are facing significant parts of our communities. i worry about the -- economic disparity of racial disparities, expressing itself even more. demobilization in our movement, history of other social movements shows when you win a big one, it kind of -- people go it is done. i can relax now. and you know what, it is not done. there is a right wing that wants to eradicate gay people , culturely and politically and physically. we need to be vigilant about that. and you are right. dan is right. there's 29 states with no form alley quality of any kind. there's nondiscrimination laws that have to be enacted, problem of school bulling and harassment.

>> after prop 8 there was like some headlines of the advocate and i thought it was a horrible headline, gays are the new black. gay is the new abortion. we will never be over. in america it touch owes sex and sexuality and sexual freedom , a huge part of the country's population, gop base, is going to fight back.

>> that's a fascinating -- that's a fascinating analogy, abortion. i think it is fascinating because we had some folks --

>> abortion access to birth control , women's freedom, women's rights, gay rights , it is all about sexual control. and it is all -- thing that -- this anger about sexual recreational sex. and you are having abortions because you had sex for fun and didn't want to have babies. using birth control which rick santorum has a problem with, having sex for the wrong reasons which is 99.9% of the sex people have, connection, release. that links gay sex , too, abortion, gay people , gay sex . all link bid religiously inspired anger people having sex for fun and not for god.

>> there is this civil rights progression you can see of winning thee kind of institutional legal battles. the abortion -- fascinating one.

>> has to be defended. you know, the other thing is that the right wing has shown a very deep reservoir of funding and it has a strong base . motivated. and it feels that it has right on its side. i.

>> i have to say happening what's on the right what's happening, there is a big generational difference. and there is a real civil war battle brewing. i mean, young republican right wing activists, you know, even the stuff happening for cpac.

>> is that a rebranding strategy?

>> i trust it. the reason i trust it is because the young conservatives that i interact with genuinely think that -- genuinely support marriage equality . i don't think that -- i think there is a strategic component to it. but the young conservatives that i have been in touch with and that's a self-selecting group, obviously, so -- broadly representative. but they genuinely think that -- everyone should be able to get married.

>> you know, they want their -- supportive of the right to marry but for shredding the social safety net .

>> but that's my point. my point is that if -- what happens to gay politics if that win, with it, i think what you are saying, you are saying there is something essential and -- at the core of the right of reactionary politics. that it is going to be opposed to your interests. right? as gay folks.

>> with the wild card of gay children of conservatives that we are going to be born into every family in the country. enough generations go. every family is going to have one of us. that's where there may be a separation from the abortion issue because there is a lot of people in conservative families, lot of women in conservative families, that had abortions but their families don't know they had abortions. denial about it. uncab be in denial about the fact your daughter is married to a woman.

>> urvashi, i'm really glad to have you back at the table today. urvashi vaid from columbia law school .

>>> supreme court and gay marriage , big one, this week. after