UP   |  January 19, 2014

‘We’re looking for a pattern’

Steve Kornacki looks at New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s first comments on the lane closures, The New York Times’ reporting on Bridget Kelly, and what investigations into the allegations against the Christie administration will examine.

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>> that is new york governor andrew cuomo who was in new york yesterday. this is the first time he's making a public statement about bridge gate. and that's one of the sort of pieces of this that hasn't gotten him much exploration, maybe a phone call , david , between governor christie and governor cuomo. a lot of mystery about --

>> the cuomo folks pushed back very hard on that saying there was no such communication between the offices even though they both run the port authority . andrew cuomo is a former attorney general himself. i'm sure he's very aware of and is obviously very cautious by nature of the whole --

>> he's cautious of everything. he talks four times a year in public.

>> so he's clearly -- but a lot of his appointees including mr. foye at the port authority have a big role here and are likely to be -- i can't remember now, i assume he's been subpoenaed, but other people will be on the list as well. he has a lot more at stake.

>> the other thing i wanted to ask you, david , you wrote a story this weak looking at bridgette kelly, the now former deputy chief of staff to chris christie who said time for traffic and the e-mail. the tone of your reporting suggested what you learned is she is not looking to take down chris christie here with any information she might have. can you share a little bit of what you learned?

>> it's interesting. i know that she had been portrayed by the governor and some other folks as sort of a rogue operative, at least, but her reputation according to a lot of her friends, and these are both democrats and republicans, is someone who is an incredibly hard worker and very earnest and really committed to the people who mentored her, first assemblyman russo and governor christie and she was described by someone who is not a cowboy, someone who generally follows orders and is very loyal. so the idea she cooked up this entire scheme is implausible to the people who know her the best though, again, we don't know. who knows?

>> we told the story on the show last week of brett schundler , and the name may not mann anything nationally but he's the commissioner of education and chris christie tired him and called him a liar at a press conference and brett schundler 's position was i screwed up. i deserved to get fired but i wasn't a liar. i didn't lie to the governor. and he took that -- he was so angry about that carrickry zigs that he took all these documents he had that proved he had kept the governor's office in the loop. he went forward with them. that has been in my mind since watching chris christie at the press conference saying over and over the bridgette kelly is a liar, if she will reach the point but she hasn't gotten there yet.

>> i think there's a pattern. that's one of the things we'll be looking at is a pattern. he definitely has a pattern of calling people liars, firing them. for example, he didn't call this person a liar but he fired michelle brown and then rehired her. so when the right time comes he may rehire somebody. one other thing i want to say, there's a lot of talk about in the press conference last week the governor said i take responsibility. my personal opinion is just firing a bunch of people is not re really taking responsibility. it is taking an action but responsibility is really looking at yourself and figuring out if you really have a role here.

>> and there are committees as we are say that go are in place to maybe figure that out for him, for us, for all of us. we'll talk about that. a the lot of questions we'll are try to tackle in the next hour. i want to thank jon bramnick , david chen. the biggest questions that are still out there in the bridge lane closure scandal we'll ask them and try to tackle them right