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Akshay Syal, M.D.

Akshay Syal, M.D., is a medical fellow with the NBC News Health and Medical Unit. Follow him on Twitter @AkshaySyal 

Akshay Syal, M.D., is a medical fellow with the NBC News Health and Medical Unit. Follow him on Twitter @AkshaySyal 

Latest from Akshay Syal, M.D.

29d ago

CDC reports a new strain of omicron taking over in the U.S. 

What is the XBB.1.5 subvariant? A new version of omicron is taking hold in the U.S., according to new data from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.
47d ago

How dangerous is the flu? What to know about symptoms and signs of complications

The U.S. is experiencing the highest number of flu hospitalizations in a decade. Who is at risk and what are signs or symptoms of complications from flu?

New drug may help people with uncontrolled high blood pressure

An experimental drug could eventually offer hope to millions of people struggling with uncontrolled high blood pressure, new research has found.
95d ago

NIH-funded psychedelic trial will study whether hallucinogen can help smokers quit

Johns Hopkins researchers are studying whether psilocybin from magic mushrooms can help smokers quit. The trial is funded by the NIH.
108d ago

Pfizer-BioNTech cites an increase in antibodies in first human results on updated booster

Pfizer released its first human data results on the bivalent omicron booster, which showed an increase in antibodies, but more data is needed to show how effective the shot is.
111d ago

U.S. hospitals brace for an unprecedented winter of viruses

How bad will flu and Covid be this winter? Hospitals are already busy and facing staffing shortages.

Hospitals report evacuations, lockdowns and water outages as Florida reels from Ian

Several Florida hospitals have been forced to go on lockdown or evacuate critically ill patients as a result of Hurricane Ian.

Psychedelic drug helped people with alcohol use disorder reduce drinking, study shows

Psilocybin, the ingredient in magic mushrooms, helped people with alcohol use disorder reduce drinking, a new study finds.
200d ago

'Part of a new normal': Covid reinfections are here to stay

How many times can I get Covid? Are Covid reinfections worse? What is the reinfection rate for the new Covid variant?
208d ago

To treat musicians' injuries, one therapist takes note from pro athletes

A hand therapist is treating overuse injuries in musicians the same way athletic trainers work with athletes to perfect moves like jump shots and golf swings.
283d ago

Vaccines, antibodies, antivirals: How some immunocompromised can cut Covid risk

As mask mandates end, how can immunocompromised people stay safe? There are more options to protect people with weakened immune systems from Covid.