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Alec Hernández

Alec Hernández is a 2024 NBC News campaign embed.

Alec Hernández is a 2024 NBC News campaign embed.

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Sen. Rick Scott enters race to succeed Mitch McConnell as GOP Senate leader

Sen. Rick Scott of Florida announced Wednesday that he is jumping into the race to succeed Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell after he leaves the post later this year.

Prosecutor blasts Trump co-defendant's 'garbage argument' at heated hearing in classified documents case

Federal prosecutor in former President Donald Trump's classified documents case angrily pushed back on allegations of vindictive prosecution and prosecutorial misconduct from one of Trump's co-defendants in the classified documents case, calling some of the claims "garbage" and "a fantasy."

Here's what top Trump VP picks say about the 2020 election results — and whether they'll accept the 2024 outcome

No matter how much closer the country gets to the 2024 election, Donald Trump can’t stop looking back to the one four years ago.

Trump's hush money trial makes big money for professional line-standers

The hottest ticket in New York City is Trump's hush money trial and some are willing to pay big to get to see testimony from Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, and more.

Ben Carson keeps his distance as other VP contenders audition for Trump

Ben Carson remains in contention to be Trump's VP pick, even as others throw themselves more forcefully into public auditions for the job.

Ben Carson calls for making divorce harder

Ben Carson, who is often named as a potential running mate for Donald Trump, is out with a new book in which he calls for an end to no-fault divorce laws in the U.S. “For the sake of families, we should enact legislation to remove or radically reduce incidences of no-fault divorce,” Carson writes in “The Perilous Fight,” released Tuesday.

Trump's vice presidential contenders show their support — and loyalty — in court

Former President Donald Trump’s vice presidential prospects, like JD Vance and Doug Burgum, have turned his New York trial into a proving ground.

In a split with Trump, Ben Carson calls for a national abortion ban

Ben Carson, who is often talked about as a potential running mate for Donald Trump, is out with a new book in which he calls for a federal ban on abortion — a notable difference from the former president.

French official disputes passage about Emmanuel Macron in Kristi Noem's book

France's government is disputing a portion of South Dakota Gov.

Biden faces new Democratic divisions after Israel shift

President Joe Biden significantly shifted his policy toward Israel this week by threatening to withhold U.S. weapons if the Israeli government moves forward with a full-scale invasion of Rafah in the Gaza Strip, while also pledging “ironclad” support for the Jewish state in a speech condemning the rise of antisemitism.

Trump criticizes Jewish Democrats as he attacks Biden over threat to withhold U.S. weapons to Israel

Donald Trump said Thursday that he “wouldn’t do what Biden did” in response to Biden's plan to pause weapons shipments to Israel if its military invades Rafah.