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Alexander Smith

Senior Reporter

Alexander Smith is a senior reporter for NBC News Digital based in London.

Alexander Smith is a senior reporter for NBC News Digital based in London.

Latest from Alexander Smith

U.S. distances itself from pro-Ukraine incursion into Russia that involved American military vehicles

The United States has sought to distance itself from a dramatic raid into Russian territory by pro-Ukraine fighters who appeared to use American equipment in their attack.
8d ago

What China wants to improve relations with U.S. and why it may be a tall order

As the Biden administration and Beijing appeared to work to restart high-level talks, China sent its new ambassador to the U.S.
11d ago

China and Ukraine force rivals Japan and South Korea to rethink

The United States and its allies hoped to showcase their “commitment to peace” at the Group of Seven summit this weekend in Hiroshima, the Japanese city rebuilt from the irradiated ashes of an American atom bomb.
14d ago

Intel leak suspect was caught twice taking notes on classified info but allowed to keep access, prosecutors say

Massachusetts Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira was warned three times by superiors about his handling of classified information months before his arrest, prosecutors said in a court filing Wednesday.
16d ago

Turkey heads for tense election runoff as Erdoğan battles to keep power

Turkey's strongman President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan faced the strongest challenge to his 20-year rule Monday, failing to secure enough votes to stop a runoff with his opponent in a pivotal election for the powerful NATO member.
19d ago

Swiss village evacuated over fears it's about to be wiped out in a massive rockslide

Residents of the Swiss village of Brienz have been forced to evacuate after officials said a chunk of the Lenzerhorn mountain could be about to collapse into a rockfall or landslide.
22d ago

Why leaked spy docs have sent China and Canada’s fraught relationship to a new low

China expelled a Canadian diplomat on Tuesday after Canada said a Chinese official based in Toronto was involved in targeting Conservative lawmaker Michael Chong and his family.
25d ago

Protesters arrested during King Charles' coronation signal that not everybody is crazy about the royals

King Charles III's coronation at Westminster Abbey sees Metropolitan Police arrest Republic anti-monarchy protesters as apathy prevails in Britain.
28d ago

King Charles set to be crowned, but is he a monarch for modern Britain?

There are more questions hanging over King Charles III and indeed the Windsor family itself than at any point in living memory.

The 'stunning' scale of Russian deaths in Ukraine signals trouble ahead for Putin

Russian forces have suffered 100,000 casualties, including more than 20,000 killed, in Ukraine since December, the White House said Monday. President Vladimir Putin's depleted forces are facing an impending counteroffensive.

Why China's man for peace in Ukraine might be the 'best possible choice' for Russia

Li Hui, China's peace envoy to Ukraine, has close ties to Russia. President Xi Jinping is sending him to Europe to try and bring Moscow and Kyiv to the negotiating table.