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Alexandra Chaidez

Alexandra Chaidez is an associate producer with the NBC News Investigative Unit.

Alexandra Chaidez is an associate producer with the NBC News Investigative Unit.

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32d ago

Groups spent record $4.2 billion in 2023 lobbying federal lawmakers, report says

Interest groups spent a record $4.2 billion lobbying federal lawmakers in 2023, led by the pharmaceutical and health products industries, says a new report by OpenSecrets.

Federal law enforcement agencies release little use-of-force data. NBC News documented five years of their shootings.

NBC News found that from 2018 to 2022, officers working for or with the FBI, DEA, ATF and U.S. Marshals were involved in more than 200 shootings.

A family confronts a ‘Constitution-free zone’ in their fight to hold the DEA accountable for their son’s death

Those who have lost loved ones in shootings involving federal officers have little recourse in the nation’s courts, but Caleb Slay’s family is trying anyway.

Fani Willis' other fight

Fani Willis, district attorney in the Georgia county that charged Trump for his actions after the 2020 election, is fighting to hold federal officers accountable.

Defying presidents and Congress, the ATF, DEA, FBI and U.S. Marshals shroud their shootings in secrecy

The ATF, DEA, FBI and U.S. Marshals have been slow to adopt reforms embraced by big city police departments, like body cameras and detailed use-of-force data.
88d ago

Can a new early reading program help revive this poor Mississippi town?

The Early Learning Academy opened its doors in April with an ambitious goal: to boost child literacy in the tiny, impoverished town of Lambert, Mississippi.
117d ago

U.S. Marshals Service publishes limited first report on shootings

Officers with the United States Marshals Service were involved in nearly 150 shootings between 2019 and 2021, according to the agency’s first shooting report.

Gaza is plagued by poverty, but Hamas has no shortage of cash. Where does it come from?

Most of Gaza’s people live in poverty but Hamas has no shortage of cash, thanks to money from Iran and Qatar and other donors, taxes, extortion and smuggling.

Big, hot steel boxes: Warehouses are booming as summers heat up and safety rules lag

As e-commerce hastens a warehousing boom in some of the hottest parts of the U.S., regulations have struggled to keep up with growing workplace heat risks.

California’s prison-to-homelessness pipeline

Thousands of former inmates are adding to a growing homelessness crisis in Los Angeles, an NBC News investigation found.

Looming Supreme Court affirmative action ruling has elite colleges on edge

Facing a potential Supreme Court ban on Affirmative Action, some top schools are devising alternative ways of fostering diversity on campus.