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Alicia Victoria Lozano

Alicia Victoria Lozano is a California-based reporter for NBC News focusing on climate change, wildfires and the changing politics of drug laws.

Alicia Victoria Lozano is a California-based reporter for NBC News focusing on climate change, wildfires and the changing politics of drug laws.

Latest from Alicia Victoria Lozano

Biden promises to end 'ridiculously low salary' for federal firefighters

"I didn’t realize this, I have to admit, that federal firefighters get paid $13 an hour. That’s going to end in my administration," Biden said on Tuesday.
16d ago

'In desperate need of these programs': California to close inmate firefighting training center

“I honestly feel that if the programs go away, you’re going to have a whole lot of people going back to their bad ways," a former inmate firefighter said.

YouTubers Logan Paul, Sam Pepper appear to lasso women in video

"We're doing a thing where we pick up women with lassos," Logan Paul tells one woman in the video. "Do you think you could put your number in my phone?"
26d ago

American Airlines extends alcohol service suspension after Southwest Airlines assault

The decision was announced Saturday, a day after Southwest Airlines banned a passenger accused of attacking a flight attendant and knocking out two of her teeth.
27d ago

Pet tiger seen on the loose in Houston moved to sanctuary

The nine-month-old tiger was handed over by its owners after a search for the animal began earlier this month.
27d ago

House reintroduces bill to decriminalize cannabis, create social equity programs

“The whole intention and vision behind this bill is that it would repair past harms of drug prohibition,” said Maritza Perez, the Drug Policy Alliance's Office of National Affairs director.

California warned to brace for another summer of energy blackouts

"Guarded optimism is a reasonable way to state it," said the president and CEO of the state's power grid operator.
29d ago

Recall effort against L.A.'s progressive district attorney kicks off with sheriff's support

Critics say George Gascón's initiatives to reform the criminal justice system violate state law.
30d ago

Biden admin pledges to help fund Covid-19 shots incentive programs like Ohio's Vax-a-Million lottery

“People might say all this is frivolous. I say anything that ends the pandemic is time for us to pull out now," Andy Slavitt, White House senior adviser for Covid-19 response, said.
34d ago

Philadelphia's progressive DA wins big in primary, boosting momentum for reform movement

"Four years ago we promised reform and a focus on serious crime," Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner said after his victory Tuesday night. "We kept those promises."

'Ground zero for attrition': California federal fire crews understaffed as fire threat rises

"We’re losing people at an accelerated rate because there are so many other opportunities" elsewhere, said a former Forest Service officer.