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Andrea Mitchell

NBC Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent; Host, 'Andrea Mitchell Reports'

Andrea Mitchell is chief Washington correspondent and chief foreign affairs correspondent for NBC News.

Andrea Mitchell is chief Washington correspondent and chief foreign affairs correspondent for NBC News.

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4d ago

Zelenskyy calls for international support, Harris underscores unity with Ukraine

MUNICH — At the high-profile Munich Security Conference on Saturday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy drummed up international support for Ukraine’s ongoing war with Russia, saying that U.S. senators and world leaders must understand that a win for Russia in Ukraine would have repercussions beyond its borders.
5d ago

Shock and fury at a conference of world leaders over the death of Alexei Navalny

MUNICH — Shock, grief and then fury rippled through the hallways and conference rooms of the Munich Security Conference on Friday as the news of Alexei Navalny’s death spread, announced by authorities in the Siberian prison where he’d been taken late last year.

Biden disparages Netanyahu in private but hasn’t significantly changed U.S. policy toward Israel and Gaza

As the reported Palestinian death toll in Gaza reaches 28,000, Biden continues to believe that unequivocally supporting Israel is the right policy.

What the U.S. recognizing a Palestinian state would mean

The Biden admin is drawing up policy options on recognizing a Palestinian state after Israel's war in Gaza and at the start of a two-state solution peace process, an official said.

With U.S. strikes in Iraq and Syria, Biden sends Iran a signal of deterrence — and restraint

The airstrikes launched by the United States in Iraq and Syria are its biggest attacks against Iran-backed militants in the Middle East, but President Biden sought to avoid escalation into war.

'Incredibly stark': Biden aides give lawmakers a grim assessment of Ukraine without more aid

The president’s national security aides said in a private meeting this week that Russia could win the war within weeks if Congress doesn’t act.

Pro-Israel lawmakers in both parties are losing confidence in Netanyahu

Pro-Israel hawks in Congress are losing confidence in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his handling of the war against Hamas.
35d ago

Frustrations between Biden and Israeli PM Netanyahu mount

WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Antony Blinken dialed up pressure on Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday over the future of the Gaza Strip, laying bare the Biden administration’s growing frustrations with the Israeli prime minister’s rejection of a proposal last week.
39d ago

John Kerry is stepping down as U.S. climate envoy

U.S. climate envoy John Kerry will step down from his role, he told NBC News, vacating his position in the Biden administration to continue working on the issue in other ways.

Deputy learned of defense secretary's hospitalization 2 days after taking over his duties

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks was not immediately informed that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was hospitalized.
58d ago

Xi warned Biden during summit that Beijing will reunify Taiwan with China

Chinese President Xi Jinping's Taiwan warning to President Joe Biden got the attention of U.S. officials because it was delivered at a meeting intended to reduce tensions.