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Andrew Blankstein

Investigative Reporter

Andrew Blankstein is an investigative reporter for NBC News. He covers the Western U.S., specializing in crime, courts and homeland security. 

Andrew Blankstein is an investigative reporter for NBC News. He covers the Western U.S., specializing in crime, courts and homeland security. 

Latest from Andrew Blankstein

2d ago

Dick Van Dyke hit a block wall while driving in Malibu, authorities say

Dick Van Dyke was driving on a slick road last week in Malibu when he crashed into a block wall, authorities said Wednesday.
2d ago

Dick Van Dyke, 97, involved in single-car crash in Malibu

Dick Van Dyke was in a single-car crash in Malibu, California. He suffered no serious injuries.
9d ago

Sacramento helicopter crash tied to possible theft attempt

Police in California are investigating a helicopter crash that they say happened after a failed theft attempt overnight at the Sacramento Executive Airport.
10d ago

Two Canadian motorists unknowingly open wrong Teslas and are allowed to drive away

A pair of Canadian Tesla owners accidentally climbed into the wrong cars before their apps allowed them to drive away in lookalike vehicles, they said Tuesday.
11d ago

Prosecutors in University of Idaho murders case seek tech company records

Prosecutors in the University of Idaho murders case are seeking data from tech firms, social media platforms and retailers in the case against Bryan Kohberger.
18d ago

Lithium-ion battery blamed for yet another fast-moving fire, New York City officials say

A lithium-ion battery sparked yet another fast-moving fire, this one in New York City on Sunday, leveling a supermarket and neighboring laundromat, authorities said.
23d ago

Rape kit from 1994 leads to arrest in 43-year-old killing, authorities say

A rape kit from a 1994 alleged crime led to an arrest in a 43-year-old killing in California, authorities said Wednesday.
23d ago

RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan is denied parole

A California parole panel on Wednesday rejected parole for Sirhan Sirhan, the man who fatally shot Robert F. Kennedy in 1968.

U.S. Marshals Service suffers 'major' security breach that compromises sensitive information, senior law enforcement officials say

The U.S. Marshals Service suffered a security breach, with sensitive data taken from one of its systems just over a week ago.
26d ago

Woman charged in connection with dognapping Lady Gaga’s pets sues her for $500,000 reward

LOS ANGELES — A woman charged in connection with the theft of Lady Gaga’s prized French bulldogs who were dognapped at gunpoint in Hollywood has sued the musician for alleging she was denied a $500,000 “no questions asked” reward, according to a complaint filed Friday.
30d ago

Alleged gunman claims slain bishop owed him money — sheriff doesn’t believe him

The man accused of fatally shooting a popular Southern California bishop said the slain priest owed him money, but investigators rejected that claim Wednesday.