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Anna Brand

Anna Brand is a senior editor for news projects at NBC News Digital.

Anna Brand is a senior editor for news projects at NBC News Digital.

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560d ago

'We are not okay': Teachers react day after Texas school shooting

We asked teachers in the U.S.: What do you want to say in the wake of the Uvalde shooting? Here’s what they wrote to us.
564d ago

Covid Collections: Readers share images and memories of lost loved ones

Covid-19 has claimed the lives of more than 1 million people in the United States. We aim to preserve some of those memories by collecting images from those left behind. 
578d ago

'We cannot go back': People share their stories of abortion and access

We asked our readers: How has getting an abortion — or deciding not to — changed your life? Here’s what they said.
608d ago

What a 11.4 million Ukraine refugee exodus looks like, in maps and videos

An interactive map on the different paths taken by refugees since Russia invaded Ukraine.
644d ago

TOPIC TRACKER: What is Joe Biden covering during the State of the Union?

President Joe Biden has a lot of ground to cover in his first State of the Union address, from rising inflation and the state of the economy to the pandemic

MAP: Half a million Ukrainians are fleeing their country. See where they're going.

Neighboring Poland has accepted the most refugees, at 281,000 people, as of Monday.
709d ago

Was that 2020… or 2021? Take our quiz to test your memory for news events

So much happened in 2021 and 2020, it can be hard to keep track. Take our quiz to see if you remember when something actually occurred.
776d ago

Millions of workers are calling it quits this year. Some told us why they left.

Americans are leaving their jobs in record numbers, whether it's because of a change of heart or a need to survive.
828d ago

As Hurricane Ida barreled toward the Gulf Coast, some residents chose to 'stay and pray'

Backup generators, diabetic cats and home ownership can all be factors in deciding to stay or flee a storm.
1213d ago

Teachers share anonymous feelings about going back to school amid coronavirus pandemic

'I feel like a sacrificial lamb': Coronavirus confessions from teachers across the U.S.

10 key sections of Mueller's report that came up during the hearings

Robert Mueller repeatedly answered questions by referring to his report during his testimony. Here's what those sections of the report say.