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Anna Schecter


Anna Schecter is a senior producer in the NBC News Investigations Unit.

Anna Schecter is a senior producer in the NBC News Investigations Unit.

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6d ago

The fate of 1,000 research monkeys is unclear after government intervention

In recent months, federal officials have contacted animal sanctuaries to ask about the cost of housing and feeding the primates for the rest of their lives. One price quote: $125 million.

China has become a tough target for U.S. spies

Under Xi Jinping’s rule, China has become an elusive target for U.S. intelligence agencies, say four former senior intelligence officials and congressional aides.
35d ago

Roaches in the operating room: Doctors at HCA hospital in Florida say patient care has suffered from cost cutting

Four doctors at HCA's Bayonet Point hospital in Florida said the quality of care has declined since 2021, when HCA cut costs and staff and hired contract workers.
95d ago

How the race for a Covid vaccine enriched monkey poachers and endangered macaques

The smuggling of monkeys caught in the wild is believed to have been going on for years due to the colossal demand for laboratory monkeys in the U.S.
126d ago

Justice Department charges 8 in alleged international monkey smuggling ring

Two Cambodian wildlife officials were among eight people charged with running an international monkey smuggling ring that shipped primates to the U.S. that were poached from the wild and falsely labeled as coming from breeding facilities.
128d ago

Trump D.C. hotel receipts reveal $10,500-a-night rooms for foreign officials seeking to influence U.S. policy

During Trump’s presidency, Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E., Qatar, Turkey, China and Malaysia spent hundreds of thousands of dollars at the Trump hotel in Washington.
146d ago

'Working in fear': Some private contractors are accused of abusive labor practices on U.S. military bases

Thousands of people have allegedly been trafficked into labor by private contractors on U.S. military bases in the Middle East.
155d ago

French cement company paid ISIS $10M to protect plant in Syria, Justice Department says

A French cement company has been charged in the U.S. with making $17 million in payments to the Islamic State terror group in exchange for the protection of its plant in Syria.
156d ago

Trump Organization charged Secret Service as much as $1,185 per night to stay at Trump properties

During Donald Trump’s presidency, Trump hotels charged the Secret Service nightly rates as high as $1,185 per room, more than five times the government rate.
182d ago

Scientists at America’s top nuclear lab were recruited by China to design missiles and drones, report says

At least 154 scientists who worked at America’s foremost national security laboratory have been recruited to design Chinese missiles, submarines and drones, a new report says.
272d ago

‘Jim would've wanted it’: Mom of U.S. journalist ISIS beheaded visits one of his imprisoned captors

The mother of an American journalist killed by an Islamic State cell dubbed the “Beatles” has met three times with one of the imprisoned terrorists in an effort to carry on her son’s legacy.