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April Glaser

April Glaser is a reporter on the tech investigations team for NBC News in San Francisco.

April Glaser is a reporter on the tech investigations team for NBC News in San Francisco.

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9d ago

McDonald's french fries, carrots, onions: all of the foods that come from Bill Gates farmland

Gates does not appear to count his farming investments as the nation’s largest farmland owner as part of his broader strategy to save the climate.
24d ago

Amazon workers demand end to pollution hitting people of color hardest

“As employees, we are alarmed that Amazon's pollution is disproportionately concentrated in communities of color,” a petition signed by 640 workers said.
35d ago

Distancing from the vaccinated: Viral anti-vaccine infertility misinfo reaches new extremes

"You can't fact-check someone's personal experience," said one expert. "With Instagram stories, people share their testimony, and the first round of it feels so intimate and immediate."
40d ago

Blind people, advocates slam company claiming to make websites ADA compliant

“If you have a website, do you want to include disabled people or do you want to exclude them? That’s why it's a civil right,” one expert said.
52d ago

'Treated like sacrifices': Families breathe toxic fumes from California's warehouse hub

"The industry is booming. But the cost is seen through people's asthma, people's cancer and the lack of good jobs," said one local advocate.
70d ago

Amazon warehouse workers vote not to unionize in Bessemer, Alabama

Nearly 1,800 employees said no to forming the company's first union. Less than half that number said yes.

Fired, interrogated, disciplined: Amazon warehouse organizers allege year of retaliation

The number of charges filed with the National Labor Relations Board accusing Amazon of interfering with workers’ right to organize more than tripled during the pandemic.
103d ago

Google advised mental health care when workers complained about racism and sexism

"I can think of 10 people that I know of in the last year that have gone on mental health leave because of the way they were treated," said one employee.
108d ago

Organizers hope Biden's support of Amazon unionization advances broader efforts

The president’s remarks “could well be the most pro-union statement by a sitting president,” one expert said.
110d ago

Why Big Tech isn't dominating the vaccine rollout

"You’re trying to vaccinate 300 million-plus people,” one expert said. "That’s the biggest effort of our lifetime.”

Shakeup at the top won't ripple down, Amazon workers say

AWS workers praise the incoming CEO, Andy Jassy, although some remain concerned about work conditions.