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Aria Bendix

Aria Bendix is the breaking health reporter for NBC News Digital.

Aria Bendix is the breaking health reporter for NBC News Digital.

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4h ago

Nurse swapped in tap water for fentanyl, killing Oregon patient, lawsuit alleges

A nurse at an Oregon hospital replaced fentanyl with tap water, introducing bacteria into a patient’s bloodstream that led to his death, a lawsuit alleges.

Alabama GOP advances proposals to protect IVF after controversial ruling

Republican-proposed bills to protect in vitro fertilization in Alabama cleared their first hurdle in the Legislature on Wednesday, more than a week after a state Supreme Court ruling imperiled the procedure and prompted a national backlash.

What it's actually like to get measles

With 35 measles cases in the U.S. already this year, doctors and people who've gotten the disease describe its symptoms, severity and treatment.
4d ago

Cruise ship barred from docking in Mauritius amid outbreak of stomach illness

Officials in Mauritius blocked a Norwegian Cruise Line ship from docking on Sunday, after more than a dozen passengers were stricken with a stomach illness.

Pauses on embryo transfers out of Alabama leave IVF patients with few options

Several fertility clinics and embryo shipping services plan to hold off on sending embryos from Alabama to other states following a court ruling that said embryos created through IVF are children.

Three Alabama clinics pause IVF services after court rules that embryos are children

Days after the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that embryos created through IVF are considered children, three of the state's providers have suspended services.

Biden blasts Alabama Supreme Court's IVF ruling as Harris, campaign blame Trump

President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign blamed Donald Trump for the Alabama Supreme Court’s decision on in vitro fertilization and the University of Alabama at Birmingham's pause on IVF treatment in response.
10d ago

Doctors and patients fearfully proceed with IVF after Alabama court rules embryos are children

The Alabama Supreme Court ruling that embryos are children could lead to lawsuits for destroying frozen embryos, raising questions about in-vitro fertilization.
11d ago

Women see greater health benefits from regular exercise than men do

Women generally exercise less than men do, but new research suggests they see greater health benefits from it.

Familiar scents unlock memories in people with depression. Could 'smell therapy' help patients?

People with depression have trouble recalling specific memories. Specific scents may help unlock those memories, and could help improve mood, a new study finds.
21d ago

Oregon's first case of human plague in 8 years likely came from a pet cat

Health officials announced that a resident of Deschutes County — a rural part of Oregon — was diagnosed with plague, the state's first human case in more than eight years.