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Ben Kamisar

Ben Kamisar is a deputy political editor in NBC's Political Unit. 

Ben Kamisar is a deputy political editor in NBC's Political Unit. 

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10 primaries beyond the presidential race to watch Super Tuesday

Voters in five states will head to the polls on Super Tuesday to cast ballots in Democratic and Republican primaries for Senate, House and governor.

What to watch on Super Tuesday: Why the delegate math shows Haley has little room to stop Trump

Donald Trump is on a path to win more than 1,000 delegates in a matter of weeks, which would clinch the presidential nomination before the end of March.

Super Tuesday 2024: Which states are voting, the key rules to know and what's at stake

The first Super Tuesday polls close on the Republican side at 7 p.m. ET, as voters cast ballots across the country.

Wavering Black voters: Biden is flawed — and Trump is unacceptable

A new focus group of Black voters in North Carolina who could be up for grabs in 2024 shows them largely dissatisfied with Biden — but repelled by Trump.

Conservative group launches a quiet effort to drive Black voters away from Biden

An experimental stealth campaign during South Carolina's Democratic primary highlights one way players in the GOP will be trying to exploit Biden's weaknesses.

For the first time in years, Sen. Graham hasn't introduced a national abortion ban

Sen. Lindsey Graham has introduced a national abortion ban bill every Congress since 2013. He hasn't yet this time as Republicans scramble on abortion messaging.

Why Michigan's presidential primary isn't the same for Democrats and Republicans

The Michigan GOP, engulfed in a leadership crisis, is using a hybrid nominating process that includes a weekend convention to allocate most of its delegates.
18d ago

First Read says farewell — but not goodbye

This is the final edition of First Read. On Tuesday, the NBC News politics team is starting a newsletter called “From the Politics Desk."
19d ago

What New York’s special election didn’t reveal about 2024

New York's special election didn't shed much light on President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign, especially in a race with Donald Trump on the ballot.

Nikki Haley has gained ground — but GOP rules mean it may result in few delegates

Nikki Haley is framing her campaign's path as a long, state-by-state war of attrition. But the GOP's delegate rules are designed to create blowouts.
20d ago

Nikki Haley says 'diminished' 'unhinged' Trump is 'not the same person' she backed in 2016

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley defended her past support of Donald Trump while deepening her criticism of her main rival for the GOP nomination, arguing that the former president is “more diminished than he was.”