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Bridget Bowman

Bridget Bowman is a deputy editor for NBC's Political Unit. 

Bridget Bowman is a deputy editor for NBC's Political Unit. 

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The key exit poll numbers that explain Trump’s commanding South Carolina victory

Exit poll numbers show that Donald Trump dominated Nikki Haley across key Republican voting groups in the South Carolina presidential primary election.

Nikki Haley is staying in against the odds. It may hurt her in the long run.

As she plans to head to Michigan after her South Carolina loss, Nikki Haley is combating a steep decline in support among Republican voters.

Republican Senate candidates rush to defend IVF after Alabama ruling

A growing number of Republican candidates for Senate are defending in vitro fertilization treatment after a ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court last week threatened to curtail access to the treatment.

Nancy Mace stays close to Trump ahead of tough primary fight

Three years ago, Nancy Mace criticized Trump after Jan. 6. Now, she’s backing Trump for another term — and angling for his support ahead of her next primary.

9 California races that could decide the battle for the House in 2024

California will hold some of the most contested House races in the 2024 elections and could decide whether Democrats or Republicans control the House next year.
12d ago

First Read says farewell — but not goodbye

This is the final edition of First Read. On Tuesday, the NBC News politics team is starting a newsletter called “From the Politics Desk."
13d ago

What New York’s special election didn’t reveal about 2024

New York's special election didn't shed much light on President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign, especially in a race with Donald Trump on the ballot.
14d ago

Haley’s case against Trump is a 2016 throwback

Haley's criticism of Trump on the military, candidate spouses and NATO all sound familiar — like attacks Trump critics levied in 2016.

Five takeaways from New York's special election to replace George Santos

Democrat Tom Suozzi flipped a bellwether New York House district, thinning the small House GOP majority and offering a glimpse at some 2024 campaign tactics.

Democrat Tom Suozzi wins N.Y. special election to replace George Santos

Democrat Tom Suozzi wins New York special election to fill former Rep. George Santos's seat in the House, defeating Republican Mazi Pilip.

Polls have closed in the N.Y. special election to replace George Santos: What to watch

Democrat Tom Suozzi and Republican Mazi Pilip will face off in Tuesday's special election to replace former Rep. George Santos.