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Carmen Sesin

NBC News contributing reporter Carmen Sesin is a bilingual journalist based in Miami. She has previously worked with the NBC News network desk. 

NBC News contributing reporter Carmen Sesin is a bilingual journalist based in Miami. She has previously worked with the NBC News network desk. 

Latest from Carmen Sesin

10d ago

Populist or leftist? Colombian Americans vote in high-stakes presidential election

Colombian Americans are voting in Colombia's presidential election between populist outsider Rodolfo Hernandez and leftist Gustavo Petro with many favoring Hernández.
17d ago

Biden to unveil regional migration plan as challenges regarding immigration mount

Pres. Joe Biden will announce the “Los Angeles Declaration on Migration" to tackle challenges around immigration, but the issues are complex, experts warn.
20d ago

Despite Americas summit controversy, U.S. hopes to shift focus to migration, economy

After controversy over countries that weren't invited to the Summit of the Americas, the Biden administration touted plans to stem migration and boost the economy.
21d ago

Mexican President López Obrador won't attend Summit of the Americas

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he won't be attending the U.S.-hosted Summit of the Americas in L.A. because some countries were not invited.

Uvalde massacre is yet another shooting affecting Latinos — and spotlighting gun issues

The Uvalde school shooting is one of the latest shootings predominantly impacting Latinos, as Hispanics weigh the need for more gun restrictions.
27d ago

In Cuba, trial against high profile anti-government activists concludes

The trial of Cuba anti-government activists Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara and Maykel Castillo concluded Tuesday, with both facing at least 7 years in prison.
38d ago

Idea of superior Latino health outcomes may be false, new study suggests

A study calls into question the Latino Epidemiological Paradox, since it found that Latinos have a higher prevalence of cardiovascular disease than non-Hispanic whites.
41d ago

U.S. eases some sanctions against Venezuela

The United States government is moving to ease a few economic sanctions on Venezuela in a gesture meant to encourage resumed negotiations.
42d ago

U.S. lifts some Trump-era restrictions on Cuba, including limits on travel and remittances

The Biden administration revises Cuba policy, including reversing restrictions on travel and remittances.
45d ago

Vacant ambassadorships, clashes with U.S. spur tensions before Summit of Americas

The upcoming Summit of the Americas is roiled with tensions amid vacant ambassadorships and uninvited countries.

Politics, romance, humor: New play ‘The Cuban Vote’ intertwines all the elements

"The Cuban Vote" a play by Carmen Peláez, commissioned by Miami New Drama, mixes romance, humor and politics and the city's influential Hispanic community.