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Char Adams


Char Adams is a reporter for NBC BLK who writes about race.

Char Adams is a reporter for NBC BLK who writes about race.

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Arizona anti-abortion activists aren’t letting up after Supreme Court victory

Despite the state Supreme Court ruling this week that an 1864 abortion law was enforceable, anti-abortion groups say they will continue to protest stood outside of abortion clinics.

‘I’m here to get an abortion’: Arizona women dodge protesters before the window closes

Women dodge protesters at clinics in Phoenix before the short window closes on abortion access in the state following the state supreme court's ruling.

Ariz. attorney general wants California to be 'safe haven' for abortion providers after state Supreme Court ruling

Arizona’s attorney general said she will do all she can to mitigate the impacts of the 1864 abortion ban that the state’s Supreme Court ruled was enforceable this week.
8d ago

Idaho police are investigating racist harassment of Utah women’s basketball team

Police in Idaho, are investigating after the University of Utah’s women’s basketball coach said her team was targeted in a series of “racial hate crimes” while in town for the NCAA Tournament last week.
12d ago

Desperation rises as Americans still in Haiti scramble to find ways to escape

Hundreds of U.S. nationals have been evacuated from Haiti since last month, escaping the ongoing violence, but many more are stuck there, desperately looking for ways to escape.
14d ago

Grab your cowboy hat: Beyoncé fans celebrate 'Cowboy Carter' with themed listening parties

Grammy-award winning singer Beyoncé on Friday released her latest project, "Cowboy Carter," a country album featuring greats of the genre, as well as some newcomers.
19d ago

Why some Haitians don't want foreign nations intervening in their crises — and others do

Johnny Celestin generally believes that Haiti, which continues to be under heightened violence from armed groups and gangs, must re-establish order on its own.
20d ago

Utah coach says her team had to switch hotels after racist attacks during NCAA Tournament

University of Utah’s women’s basketball coach said her team was the target of a series of “racial hate crimes” after arriving in Idaho for the NCAA Tournament last week.
24d ago

University president is cleared of bullying in Black academic’s suicide

The president of Lincoln University in Missouri will remain in his position, the institution decided after an investigation into the suicide of a Black administrator found no evidence that he had bullied her, according to university officials.
28d ago

Parts of Haiti left in darkness after armed groups attack power stations

Armed groups broke into several electrical stations in Haiti, stealing documents and destroying equipment in an attack that has left areas of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, in darkness.
31d ago

How humanitarian aid is affecting Haiti — and how locals are helping one another

Haitian residents and their advocates say humanitarian aid should focus on supporting the work Haitians are already doing locally.