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Chuck Todd

Chuck Todd is NBC News' chief political analyst and the former moderator of "Meet The Press."

Chuck Todd is NBC News' chief political analyst and the former moderator of "Meet The Press."

Latest from Chuck Todd

3d ago

Chuck Todd: How elected officials are gaslighting America

One of the biggest divides and least-discussed divides in American politics is between what the elected officials believe and what their own voters believe.
10d ago

Chuck Todd: Voters deliver a primal scream demanding change

One head-scratching fact about our current political climate is how much the two parties, whose purpose is winning voter support, aren’t listening to the voters
17d ago

Chuck Todd: Why this election has echoes of 1968

The shattered Democratic coalition that Daniel Patrick Moynihan foreshadowed in 1968 is still impacting our politics today.
24d ago

Chuck Todd: When words lose meaning in politics

One person’s “extremist” is another person’s “passionate advocate,” and one person’s “radical” is simply another person’s brother in arms.
31d ago

Chuck Todd: Elections lay bare the party blind spots the rest of us see

Going into election night 2023, the same question hung over the results that hung over the 2022 midterms.
38d ago

Chuck Todd: Biden and abortion are on the ballot. The question is which matters more.

The November elections include state races that will give us a sense of how salient the abortion issue still is and how much disapproval of Biden matters.
45d ago

Chuck Todd: Mitt Romney sounds one last alarm on Trump

Mitt Romney's reckoning with his role in Donald Trump's rise is his attempt to sound the alarm one last time before it's too late to save the GOP from itself.
52d ago

Chuck Todd: The search for a winner behind Door No. 3

Poll numbers on dissatisfaction with both parties show the water has never looked more tempting for a third-party challenge. The reality is more complicated.
59d ago

Democrats wrestle with the Biden conundrum

Democrats in Washington fear voters cannot be convinced Biden is up to the job, and they don’t have confidence the Biden team fully appreciates the concern.

GOP talk of impeaching Wisconsin justice is latest example of delegitimizing political defeats 

Wisconsin Republicans are openly discussing impeaching newly seated liberal state Supreme Court Janet Protasiewicz.
93d ago

How McConnell freezes blunt GOP attacks on Biden’s age

Republicans are mounting attacks on President Joe Biden's age as their leader in the Senate faces questions about his health and age.