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Claretta Bellamy

Claretta Bellamy is a fellow for NBC News.

Claretta Bellamy is a fellow for NBC News.

Latest from Claretta Bellamy

More addictive and harder to quit: Health groups want Black menthol smokers to know support groups can help

The Biden administration has not yet ordered a ban on menthol cigarettes, but health experts believe it could be a game-changer for helping smokers quit the habit.
14d ago

New study reveals racism may increase the risk of stroke in Black women

Black women who reported experiencing racism may be have a higher risk of having a stroke, says a new study published under Boston University’s Black Women’s Health Study.

‘Big risks’: Obama and tech experts address harms of AI to marginalized communities

More must be done to curb AI’s potential for harm or the further marginalization of people of color, a panel of experts weighing the ever-widening reach of AI warned last week.
36d ago

Black people are beating the odds by turning 100 — and they’re celebrating on TikTok

Many dread aging, but for some Black centenarians, 100 is just another number.
45d ago

FDA proposes ban on hair relaxers with formaldehyde

The FDA proposed a ban on hair relaxers that contain formaldehyde, a highly toxic chemical linked to respiratory problems and certain cancers.
45d ago

What Black women should know about hair relaxers and their health

Researchers explain new data showing a link between hair relaxers and high rates of cancer and infertility in Black women. Several lawsuits have emerged after many have gotten sick.
51d ago

‘Waiting with bated breath’: Health clinics anxious for Covid vaccines weeks after rollout

At community health clinics across the country, updated Covid vaccines remain hard to find. Shipments of the vaccines from a CDC program are delayed.
57d ago

Students whose college years were upended by Covid face their next hurdle: repaying loans

After Covid completely upended life on college campuses, students and recent graduates are encountering a new challenge: student loans.
59d ago

Discrimination may disrupt how the brain and the gut talk to each other, raising risk of obesity, study finds

Discrimination can disrupt the gut and the brain, leading people to crave unhealthy foods and may increase risk of obesity.
67d ago

‘Brickgate’ revives an age-old argument between Black men and women

In a social media post, a Black woman decried a group of Black men standing nearby on the street.
95d ago

Black love gets a boost on reality dating shows

Reality TV is starting to show the world what healthy Black love can look like.