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Corky Siemaszko

Corky Siemaszko is a senior writer for NBC News Digital.

Corky Siemaszko is a senior writer for NBC News Digital.

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1d ago

Florida reverses course and OKs rainbow lights on Sarasota bridge for Pride Month

The state Department of Transportation, which had turned down the request, told the city it will allow the lights, Mayor Hagen Brody said.
2d ago

'I am not John Doe': Victims of University of Michigan athletic doctor demand investigation

"I am a man, a Michigan man, say my name," said former football player Jon Vaughn, who came out publicly as one of Dr. Robert Anderson's victims.
3d ago

4 dead, 4 wounded in mass shooting on Chicago's Southside

A 2-year-old girl who was taken from the scene after the incident appears unhurt, police said.
4d ago

Putin dismisses criticism of hacking and internal crackdowns ahead of Biden summit

In an exclusive interview with NBC News, Putin claimed nearly all condemnations of Russia should apply equally to the U.S. and the West.

A Texas ruling backed vaccine mandates. But businesses are still wary.

Companies want employees to get the shots, but they're taking a "more carrot than stick" approach, experts say.
4d ago

Parents of American jailed in Russia say they are open to prisoner swap ahead of Putin, Biden summit

"We don’t care how he comes home," Trevor Reed's father, Joey Reed, said.
6d ago

Flag makers in the spotlight as Congress gets ready to discuss Washington, D.C., statehood

Several designs for a U.S. flag with 51 stars are already on the launchpad.
7d ago

In NBC interview, Putin calls Trump 'colorful' but says he can work with Biden

Putin told NBC's Keir Simmons that accusations that he is a "killer" are "Hollywood macho."
8d ago

Bo Schembechler's son says his father failed to protect him from Michigan predator doctor

The son of the legendary Michigan football coach said his father betrayed him after he told him he’d been sexually abused by the team doctor when he was 10.
9d ago

Rainbow lights on Florida bridge marking Pride Month turned back on after backlash

"It is obviously a matter of broad community interest," said a state Department of Transportation spokeswoman.
10d ago

Florida Covid whistle-blower Rebekah Jones hopes to unseat scandal-scarred Rep. Matt Gaetz

“It’s absurd that he’s still in office. Someone like that should not go unchallenged," Rebekah Jones.