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Daniel Arkin


Daniel Arkin is a national reporter at NBC News.

Daniel Arkin is a national reporter at NBC News.

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5m ago

Ron Goldman's father and Alan Dershowitz react to O.J. Simpson's death

O.J. Simpson's death drew immediate reaction around the U.S. on Thursday, renewing public interest in his murder trial — and reviving painful memories for some.
15h ago

O.J. Simpson, NFL star whose murder trial gripped the nation, dies of cancer at 76

O.J. Simpson died of cancer at age 76, according to a statement from his family.
15h ago

O.J. Simpson dies of cancer at 76

O.J. Simpson, who was acquitted for murder in 1995, died of cancer on Wednesday, April 10, his family announced.

After IDF retreat from Al-Shifa hospital, Palestinians sift through rubble for their dead

Palestinians are searching through the rubble of Al-Shifa hospital for their dead after the Isreali Military retreats.
4d ago

More than half of 2023's most challenged books have LGBTQ themes

The American Library Association released a list detailing the 10 most challenged titles of 2023 — seven of which deal with LGBTQ themes, according to the group.
5d ago

Larry David says he still talks to Richard Lewis after his death: ‘I loved him’

On "Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist," Larry David recalled what it was like to work with his late "Curb Your Enthusiasm" co-star Richard Lewis.

Families of people kidnapped by Hamas deplore Gaza violence and demand release of hostages

The families of American citizens kidnapped by Hamas in Israel told NBC News’ Lester Holt that they decry the killings of innocent civilians in Gaza and pleaded with the international community to remain focused on the plight of their loved ones who are still in captivity.

Bob Iger says Disney's mission is to entertain, not send messages

Disney CEO Bob Iger said his company is not interested in sending messages in its movies and TV shows.

Disney fends off boardroom blitz as shareholders vote to stay the course

Disney CEO Bob Iger faced an aggressive challenge by activist investors seeking to take the Magic Kingdom in a new direction at a shareholder meeting Wednesday.
14d ago

Louis Gossett Jr., Oscar-winning actor from 'An Officer and a Gentleman' and 'Roots,' dies at 87

Louis Gossett Jr., best known for playing a no-nonsense drill sergeant in "An Officer and a Gentleman," has died.
14d ago

Louis Gossett Jr., Oscar-winning actor from ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ and ‘Roots,’ dies at 87

Louis Gossett Jr., who became the first Black man to win the Oscar for best supporting actor has died, his family said Friday.