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David Ingram

David Ingram covers tech for NBC News.

David Ingram covers tech for NBC News.

Latest from David Ingram

Supreme Court to weigh GOP-backed social media ‘censorship’ laws

The Supreme Court will decide the constitutionality of Florida and Texas laws that seek to prevent social media companies from banning users for contentious rhetoric.
4d ago

Slain Baltimore tech CEO wanted to disrupt industry’s ‘boys network’

Pava LaPere was remembered by colleagues and friends Wednesday as part of the glue holding together Baltimore’s small tech scene.
12d ago

Musk’s X, formerly Twitter, ranks last in climate misinformation ‘scorecard’

Environmental groups slammed Elon Musk’s X app, formerly known as Twitter, in a report ranking social media platforms on their approach to climate misinformation.
25d ago

Civil rights groups attacked by Elon Musk are mounting a counteroffensive

Anti-hate groups and civil rights organizations vowed this week to strengthen their resolve against hate speech on social media, saying they would not be intimidated by threats of lawsuits from tech billionaire Elon Musk.

Ads for AI sex workers are flooding Instagram and TikTok

AI Apps promising sexual images are running hundreds of ads on social media. Human sex workers are often banned. Companies are following the success of ChatGPT.

Film and TV studios post AI jobs with salaries up to $1 million as workers strike

Film and TV studios are trying to hire artificial intelligence experts as their writers and actors are out on strike.

Conservative pundits falsely claim Biden slept during Maui fire memorial

Pundits used low-quality video on social media Tuesday to spread a false claim that President Joe Biden fell asleep during a memorial for Maui wildfire victims.

Republicans take aim at the Biden White House’s emails with tech platforms

Emails from Facebook’s parent company are giving fresh momentum to Republicans’ long-standing claims that they’re being censored on social media.

How a California vote on self-driving taxis could alter the future of AI

A CA state board is set to vote on whether to allow tech companies Waymo and Cruise to launch a massive expansion of driverless taxi fleets in San Francisco.
58d ago

What it’s like to get your iris scanned for Worldcoin, Sam Altman's verification startup

Worldcoin is part of Sam Altman's vision of a society that is fully hooked on AI. They're asking everyone to get their eyes scanned by a giant orb.
59d ago

Man accused of holding woman captive in Oregon cell allegedly threatened to kill the mother of his 2 children

A man who officials say kidnapped and held a woman captive in a makeshift cell in his Oregon garage allegedly attacked, abused and threatened to kill another woman and their two children before she sought a protective order against him three years ago.