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Deon J. Hampton

Deon J. Hampton is a national reporter for NBC News, based in Cincinnati. 

Deon J. Hampton is a national reporter for NBC News, based in Cincinnati. 

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11h ago

Scientists don't know why hundreds of birds are getting sick and dying across the U.S.

Wildlife experts in at least six states are investigating the cause of the bird deaths.
5d ago

Request to conserve energy shows year-round vulnerability of Texas grid

Some energy experts warn that the recent failings of the state's grid may portend additional shutdowns should temperatures continue to climb this summer.
7d ago

Ohio Senate budget includes provision to restrict abortions

The measure, which was tacked onto the spending bill, is being hailed by anti-abortion rights groups that say it would allow doctors to abide by their moral beliefs.
13d ago

Colorado is smashing down barriers to help undocumented immigrants live and work

Supporters say the new laws will make the state a more equitable place. Opponents argue they will siphon money and services from other residents.
15d ago

Chicago police look to slow down crime as shootings spike

Five people were killed and at least 55 more were injured over the weekend, a week after three people died and 34 others were wounded over the Memorial Day weekend.
23d ago

'They were killing all the Black people': This 107-year-old still remembers Tulsa massacre

Viola Fletcher was 7 years old when white armed mobs descended on Tulsa, Oklahoma, killing Black people and destroying an economic mecca.
25d ago

Tulsa 'Remember and Rise' event canceled days before centennial of race massacre after dispute over payment to survivors

The event to mark the 100th anniversary of the destruction of Black Wall Street was to feature singer John Legend and influential Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams.
26d ago

Tulsa Race Massacre events could be targeted by white supremacist groups, Department of Homeland Security warns

The Tulsa Police Department said it is prepared and has asked for the public to report anything unusual.
27d ago

$1 million Ohio vaccine lottery winner was on her way to buy a used car when she found out she won

Abbey Bugenske said she doesn’t know how she plans to spend the money, but some will go toward the car. The rest will likely be donated and invested, she said.
36d ago

Ohio sees boost in shots after it announces $1 million vaccination lottery

Ohio had its highest vaccination day in three weeks after it announced lottery-style drawings for vaccinated Ohioans.
42d ago

Prosecutor: No legal basis for Virginia state trooper to stop Black woman who was pulled from car

"It's sickening and unacceptable that any member of our community fears for their safety during a routine traffic stop," prosecutor Steve Descano said.