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Didi Martinez

Didi Martinez is an associate producer with the NBC News Investigative Unit. 

Didi Martinez is an associate producer with the NBC News Investigative Unit. 

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Here’s how some experts think attacks like the Buffalo shooting might be prevented

To many who study extremist violence, Buffalo wasn’t just the latest shooting, but also the latest missed opportunity to stop one. Here's what they say may help.
15d ago

Nearly 300,000 U.S. service members and veterans are suing 3M over a tiny piece of military gear they say didn't work

Almost 300,000 U.S. military service members and veterans are suing 3M over hearing problems they contend resulted from use of the company’s earplugs.

Retired Marine colonel is teaching Ukrainians how to fight

Andy Milburn fought ISIS as a Marine colonel. He went to Ukraine in March to work as a journalist. Now he's training Ukrainians to fight the Russian invasion.

Afghans subject to stricter rules than Ukrainian refugees, advocates say

The Biden admin has waived some rules for Ukrainians trying to enter the U.S. but stricter rules apply to Afghans, advocates say. Officials reject the criticism.
33d ago

'It will be a nightmare': Texas city braces for flood of border crossers when Covid rule ends in May

As the Biden admin readies to end Covid restrictions at the border, officials from one Texas city want help from D.C. to cope with an expected migrant surge.

These four Ukrainians thought it would be easy to cross the Mexican border into the U.S. They were wrong.

Maksym Armash thought it would be simple to bring his Ukrainian bride-to-be into the U.S. across the Mexican border. She wound up in shackles.
54d ago

'Biggest fraud in a generation': The looting of the Covid relief plan known as PPP

The official in charge of Covid relief tells NBC News' Lester Holt that programs like PPP were structured in ways that were "an invitation" to fraudsters.
66d ago

Angelina Jolie lauds passage of Violence Against Women Act, says 'We need to do more'

Angelina Jolie and Ruth Glenn of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence said renewing VAWA was a major step but there's more work to be done.

Taiwan watching Ukraine crisis with 'concern and anxiety,' says top diplomat in U.S.

Like Ukraine, Taiwan has a large, well-armed neighbor that wants its territory. But Taiwan's diplomat in the U.S. says her nation is a cat with nine lives.
137d ago

Capitol rioter compares attacks on her to treatment of ‘Jews in Germany’

Jenna Ryan, a Texas realtor who has sought to parlay her role in the Capitol riot into a career as a right-wing media personality, reported to prison Dec. 21.

This fabric is hailed as ‘eco-friendly.’ The rainforest tells a different story.

Experts who track deforestation say satellite imagery shows some areas of rainforest may have been cleared on land operated by companies that pledged to halt the practice in 2015.