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Didi Martinez

Didi Martinez is an associate producer with the NBC News Investigative Unit. 

Didi Martinez is an associate producer with the NBC News Investigative Unit. 

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18h ago

Man on terror watchlist was released by Border Patrol

With border security funding blocked in Congress, the case illustrates the challenges that U.S. officials face in identifying migrants who may pose a national security threat.
15d ago

Baltimore bridge collapse calls attention to the growing Latino labor force and the risks they face

Most of the missing workers presumed dead following the Baltimore bridge collapse are originally from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico — illustrating the increasing dangers Hispanic workers face as a third of the nation's construction workers.
16d ago

Baltimore bridge collapse victims' family members reflect on their loved ones' lives

Two of the six men presumed dead after the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore were remembered by loved ones as devoted husbands, fathers and workers.
17d ago

Co-workers worry about missing colleagues in bridge collapse

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore said an unknown number of workers were doing repairs on the Baltimore bridge when it was hit. At least six people are missing, authorities said.
20d ago

The town that can't live without migrants, but isn't sure it wants to live with them

FREMONT, Neb. — Big-city mayors may be complaining about the economic impact of an influx of migrants, but the residents of a small city near Omaha can’t decide how they feel.
38d ago

Scanners that spot smuggled fentanyl at the border sit unused because Congress hasn't provided the cash to install them

The U.S. has spent millions on high-tech scanners to spot fentanyl crossing the border, but many sit in warehouses unused because Congress hasn’t appropriated funds to install them.
43d ago

Trump's claims of a migrant crime wave are not supported by national data

When Donald Trump speaks at the southern border in Texas on Thursday, you can expect to hear him talk about “migrant crime” a criminal category he has coined and defined as a terrifying binge of criminal activity committed by undocumented immigrants spreading across the country.
51d ago

Catholic immigrant shelter battles Texas AG, who wants to shut it down

Texas' Republican attorney general, Ken Paxton, sued to shut down Annunciation House, a faith-based group that has sheltered migrants for decades, escalating conservatives’ targeting of Catholic organizations and amping up the state’s own immigration enforcement operation.

‘This is not a Lahaina problem’: Once unthinkable, frequent fires are Hawaii’s new normal.

Hawaii is seeing bigger, hotter and more frequent fires than ever before. The state is struggling to catch up.
76d ago

A city of 710,000 struggles to cope with 40,000 migrant arrivals

Nearly 40,000 migrants have arrived in Denver in the past year, making it the top destination per capita for migrants crossing the U.S. border and traveling north in buses from Texas.
113d ago

Migrants are being released on U.S. streets at the border as shelters see record numbers

U.S. border facilities have a record number of migrants in custody as border agents try to release migrants as fast as possible to avoid overcrowding.