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Elaina Patton

Elaina Patton is a freelance entertainment and culture writer.

Elaina Patton is a freelance entertainment and culture writer.

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Netflix's 'Do Revenge' puts an overtly queer, Gen Z spin on a classic, dark thriller

“Do Revenge,” Netflix’s new high school revenge-swap dramedy starring Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes, is a minefield of ‘90s teen movie references — from cliques

From 'Do Revenge' to 'Los Espookys,' September's must-see queer films and TV

After a summer light on film, the fall cinema dump begins this month, with even more to come in October.

Patricia Highsmith's enigmatic love life and persona take center stage in new film

Documentary filmmaker Eva Vitija remembers being struck by the idea of Patricia Highsmith when Vitija’s parents described the famous writer who lived alone

'A League of Their Own' remake hits a home run with queer viewers

the new Amazon Prime Video series starring Abbi Jacobson puts LGBTQ romances front and center.

From 'They/Them' to 'House of the Dragon,' August's must-see queer films and TV

Camp takes on a new meaning this month with the premiere of “They/Them,” a slasher set at a remote conversion therapy camp, starring Kevin Bacon and Theo Germai
74d ago

How ‘Far From Heaven’ captured the quietly traumatizing, technicolor world of the 1950s

Twenty years ago, filmmaker Todd Haynes premiered his highly stylized feature “Far From Heaven,” set in the glamorous and suffocating world of 1957 and

Filmmakers focus on addiction in LGBTQ community with personal new project

At Outfest 2022, “How Not to Be a Junkie” — from creative duo Andrea Metz and Michelle Peerali — centers on a young woman and her struggles to get sober.

'Paper Girls,' 'Nope,' 'Anything's Possible': July's must-see queer movies and shows

Pride Month may be over, but celebrating queer entertainment is year-round activity. And, in summer, that means blockbusters and beachy reality television.

A new history of Fire Island looks at its literary, revolutionary and problematic past

Jack Parlett’s history of Fire Island blends anecdotes from illustrious writers’ lives with personal narrative to show how the beach community became a queer mecca.

How lesbian rom-com 'Kissing Jessica Stein' became a surprise hit 20 years ago

They didn’t know it right away, but when Heather Juergensen and Jennifer Westfeldt met at a New York theater retreat in the late ‘90s, it was kismet.
109d ago

How lesbian rom-com ‘Kissing Jessica Stein’ became a surprise hit 20 years ago

Heather Juergensen and Jennifer Westfeldt open up to TODAY Show about the 2002 lesbian rom-com “Kissing Jessica Stein" in tandem with its 20th anniversary.