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Emily Gerard

Emily Gerard is an NBC News writer and producer for the "TODAY" show in New York.

Emily Gerard is an NBC News writer and producer for the "TODAY" show in New York.

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2h ago

20 wild food items Uber riders actually left behind, from oysters to meat pie

Uber published its 2024 lost-and-found index, revealing some of the funniest notes left by forgetful riders.

It’s National Pet Day! 44 sweet gifts for your furry friends (and their humans)

Looking for the best gift ideas for pets? Shop pet gifts from dog ID tags, cat scratchers, bird toys and more.
15d ago

11 solar eclipse snacks and sips for your cosmic party

Here are food brands and restaurants like Krispy Kreme, Smoothie King and Sonic with total solar eclipse-themed specials in honor of the rare cosmic event.

'Cozy cardio': The latest fitness trend you can do in your pajamas

Cozy cardio is a viral TikTok trend created by Hope Zuckerbrow. The low-impact walking workout is focused on improving your mental health and making fitness fun.

The ‘Choco Taco’ is making a comeback, thanks to Taco Bell

Taco Bell partnered with Portland-based ice cream company Salt & Straw to create their take on the discontinued Choco Taco: the Ice Cream Chocolate Taco.
130d ago

This viral snow globe cocktail is a winter wonderland in a glass

Here’s how to make the festive snow globe cocktail that’s perfect for your holiday party and going viral on Instagram and TikTok thanks to Meg Quinn.
190d ago

Love chili crisp? Try these spicy oils from around the world

If you love chili crisp, you have to try these versions from around the world: Mexican salsa macha, Calabrian chili crisp, Taiwanese chili crisp and more.

What are ‘shy girl’ workouts? The viral trend making the gym less intimidating

Shy girl workouts are fitness routines for introverts that don't require a lot of space or equipment. The viral TikTok trend is a simple strength workout for beginners.
235d ago

Why is everything suddenly ‘swicy’? Brands embrace the sweet-heat trend

Food brands, from fast food to condiments and cocktails, are embracing the "swicy" (aka sweet heat) trend as hot honey goes mainstream.
260d ago

What is it like to be a professional ice cream taster? Inside the world’s sweetest job

What is it like to be a professional ice cream taster? Van Leeuwen's lead ice cream taster, Sachi Minobe, gives TODAY a peek into a day in her life.
296d ago

When a menu says ‘market price’ for seafood, what does that really mean?

What does "market price" mean when it comes to seafood on restaurant menus? A deep dive into the factors that have the biggest impact on the price of seafood.