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Erin Einhorn

Erin Einhorn is a national reporter for NBC News, based in Detroit. 

Erin Einhorn is a national reporter for NBC News, based in Detroit. 

Latest from Erin Einhorn

40d ago

In states with few legal protections, students say they’ve been unfairly punished at school

Students facing suspension and expulsion are granted vastly different rights depending on where they live, an NBC News investigation found.
116d ago

Michigan legislators aim to address education crisis affecting vulnerable youths

Michigan legislators are considering measures to help foster youths, who, for years, have faced roadblocks on their way to diplomas.
117d ago

Detroit housing court reopens with big changes and fears of more evictions

There are more protections in place for tenants facing eviction in Detroit than before the pandemic, but advocates worry some won't make it to court.
291d ago

Michigan officials begin making changes to improve education for foster youths

Michigan agencies are helping foster youth navigate educational obstacles, and the state Board of Education called for new legislation.
292d ago

Taunted for being Black, a student fought back, civil rights complaint says. The 30-second fight derailed her life.

Reports of racist bullying in schools in and around Lubbock, Texas, are part of a pattern of discrimination, civil rights groups say. They’re filing complaints and calling on the federal government to investigate.
437d ago

Teens in a Louisiana juvenile facility are being sent to Angola prison. Experts say it’s not only cruel, it could violate the law.

Teens from the Bridge City Center for Youth will be held in their own building in the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, Gov. John Bel Edwards said.
439d ago

One classroom but very different students: Why it’s now harder for children to catch up in school

Students are regaining some learning lost in the pandemic, but progress is still uneven, according to data from the NWEA's MAP Growth assessment tests.
447d ago

The state took children from their parents — then failed to give them a ‘real’ education

Michigan is catastrophically failing to provide foster children with a quality education, delaying some teenagers’ graduation, advocates and educators said.
466d ago

Louisiana limits solitary confinement for youth 

The governor signed Louisiana’s first law restricting isolation for youth after two deaths and an investigation into harsh conditions in a new state juvenile facility.
505d ago

How a push for equity turned Detroit into a dead zone for legal weed

While legal marijuana businesses thrive in Michigan, the city of Detroit has not yet allowed any recreational cannabis shops to open.
521d ago

Solitary confinement harms teens. Louisiana lawmakers are a step closer to limiting it.

An investigation found that youth in a Louisiana lockup were held in solitary around the clock for weeks at a time.