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Erin Einhorn

Erin Einhorn is a national reporter for NBC News, based in Detroit. 

Erin Einhorn is a national reporter for NBC News, based in Detroit. 

Latest from Erin Einhorn

4d ago

Louisiana limits solitary confinement for youth 

The governor signed Louisiana’s first law restricting isolation for youth after two deaths and an investigation into harsh conditions in a new state juvenile facility.
43d ago

How a push for equity turned Detroit into a dead zone for legal weed

While legal marijuana businesses thrive in Michigan, the city of Detroit has not yet allowed any recreational cannabis shops to open.
59d ago

Solitary confinement harms teens. Louisiana lawmakers are a step closer to limiting it.

An investigation found that youth in a Louisiana lockup were held in solitary around the clock for weeks at a time.
60d ago

Victim of Detroit’s ‘fake landlord’ scam gets chance to buy her home

A Detroit grandmother who faced eviction last year after she fell victim to a “fake landlord” scam is getting the chance to buy her home.
77d ago

Inside the vast national experiment in test-optional college admissions 

Many colleges stopped requiring the SAT or ACT for admission during the pandemic. Now they're analyzing the results.
92d ago

Betsy DeVos fought for private school vouchers for decades. She might finally get her wish.

Anti-government activism and U.S. Supreme Court are driving an expansion of private school voucher programs including one in Michigan backed by Betsy DeVos.
108d ago

'No light. No nothing.' Inside Louisiana's harshest juvenile lockup 

Teens at Louisiana’s Acadiana Center for Youth at St. Martinville were held in solitary confinement, shackled with leg irons and deprived of an education.
121d ago

Ukraine attacked: Maps of sites targeted by Russia's invasion

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said his country was under attack “from the south, north, east and from the air” after bombs fell on major cities.
174d ago

Advocates fear suspensions could add to pandemic pain for vulnerable students

School administrators are navigating difficult questions in responding to student discipline issues, including violence, in the face of the pandemic.

Hugh Jackman praises 'courage' of understudies after Covid forces out Broadway costar

Hugh Jackman closed out a Broadway performance of "The Music Man" this week with a tribute to understudies after Covid forced out costar Sutton Foster.
183d ago

Armed intruder at Windsor Castle arrested as Queen Elizabeth, royal family celebrated Christmas

British authorities arrested a man who brought a weapon onto the grounds of Windsor Castle as Queen Elizabeth and her family celebrated Christmas.