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Evan Bush

Evan Bush is a science reporter for NBC News. He can be reached at

Evan Bush is a science reporter for NBC News. He can be reached at

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A trial of cloud-brightening technology sparks controversy in a California city

Alameda, California, has been thrust into a debate about geoengineering, after scientists began to study technology that could be used to brighten clouds to fight climate change.

NOAA issues highest-ever early forecast for the coming hurricane season

In the highest hurricane season forecast they have ever issued in May, forecasters with NOAA predict an above-normal number of storms.

Hundreds of mountain goats were flown to a new home. Very few survived.

Hundreds of mountain goats were relocated to Washington state's Cascade Mountains. But most died within a few years, due, in part, to the effects of climate change.
11d ago

Dozens of Egyptian pyramids, some in Giza, sat along a branch of the Nile, study says

More than 30 pyramids in Egypt, including in Giza, may have been built along a branch of the Nile that has long since disappeared, a new study suggests.
16d ago

In the mystery of Florida’s bizarre spinning fish, a leading suspect has emerged

A mysterious ailment causing fish in the Florida Keys to spin in circles and die has touched off a race to find the cause and save the endangered sawfish.

Auroras illuminate night skies around the world, expected to possibly continue through Monday

Night skies were lit up by the northern lights Friday in locations the auroras don't normally shine as a severe solar storm supercharged the phenomenon.

Severe solar storm expected to supercharge northern lights on Friday

A severe solar storm may supercharge the northern lights from Friday through the weekend, with a chance to see auroras as far south in the U.S. as Alabama.
19d ago

Can heavy snowfall trigger earthquakes? A new study suggests a link

Heavy snowfall could be a factor in triggering swarms of earthquakes, a study suggests, based on research into quakes that have rattled Japan’s Noto Peninsula.
24d ago

To fend off aggressive female mosquitoes, L.A. is releasing thousands of sterile males

An aggressive mosquito species has moved into Los Angeles. So officials are releasing thousands of sterile mosquitoes in bid to fight them.

In a first, an orangutan was seen treating his wound with a medicinal plant

A wounded orangutan was seen self-medicating with a plant known to relieve pain. It's the first time an animal has been observed applying medicine to a skin injury.
28d ago

For cicadas, it's safety in numbers. Is climate change throwing off their timing?

Cicadas' cycles of emergence may be affected by climate change, scientists say. But much about the insects remains mysterious.