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Evan Bush

Evan Bush is a science reporter for NBC News. He can be reached at

Evan Bush is a science reporter for NBC News. He can be reached at

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1d ago

U.S. sees reprieve from smoky haze, but Canadian wildfires are still raging

The skies above parts of the eastern United States were starting to clear up Friday, giving a reprieve to residents after more than two days of acrid air and orange haze.

New York City had plans to deal with climate change — but they didn't involve wildfire smoke

As smoke from the Canadian wildfires rolled over the East coast, New York City officials scrambled to respond as they confronted a lack of preparation for the emergency.

Air quality levels in parts of the U.S. plunge as Canada wildfires rage

Editor's note: This story was initially published Monday, June 5, and has been extensively updated.

Two California lakes are making comebacks with different results

Some of California’s biggest lakes are making dramatic comebacks as the state’s “big melt” of snowpack reshapes the landscape in historic — and perhaps unexpected — ways.

World’s wheat supply at risk of a dangerous shock due to heat and drought, study warns

Extreme heat waves and drought due to climate change could shock the global supply of wheat and send prices soaring, according to a new study.

How global warming and a wet winter may impact the U.S. wildfire season

As wildfire season approaches, here’s what experts are saying about how natural forces like climate change and dense snowfalls earlier this year may affect it.

Three states agree to reduce water usage so the Colorado River doesn’t go dry

The seven states that rely on the Colorado River for power and drinking water have reached a deal on cuts to keep the drought-stricken river flowing.

Wildfires rip across Canada as heat wave smashes temperature records

High temperature records fell by the dozen this week as western Canada continued to suffer in a prolonged, scorching heat wave.
27d ago

Heavy weekend rains in South Texas could endanger migrants crossing to U.S. after lifting of Title 42

Heavy rainfall expected to deluge South Texas could make border crossings a more risky endeavor for migrants crossing the U.S. southern border after the expiration of asylum restrictions known as Title 42.

Biden administration’s power plant rules underscore reality of EPA limits

The Biden administration’s proposed power plant regulations could dramatically reduce carbon emissions while also allowing some fossil fuel infrastructure to continue operating without an end date in sight.

Scientists announce rough draft of human pangenome

Researchers have constructed a rough draft of a human pangenome, a collection of DNA that represents the genetic information from 47 individuals.