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Hannah Rappleye

Investigative Reporter

Rappleye is a reporter with the Investigative Unit at NBC News, with a focus on criminal justice, social issues and the environment.

Rappleye is a reporter with the Investigative Unit at NBC News, with a focus on criminal justice, social issues and the environment.

Latest from Hannah Rappleye

13d ago

Maternity ward to close as family calls for justice in death of Black mother

Centinela hospital in Inglewood, California, will close its maternity ward later this month after the family of a Black woman who died in labor sued.
122d ago

Months after residents sound the alarm, Pennsylvania 'cracks' down on Shell plant

Shell has agreed to pay $10 million to Pennsylvania for exceeding emissions limits during the troubled launch of its massive new plastics plant in Beaver County.
257d ago

'I'm scared to give it to my kids': Baltimore's water issues are symptoms of a growing national problem

America's infrastructure for drinking, waste and stormwater has deteriorated. The government has “waited too long” to invest in it, says EPA head Michael Regan.
278d ago

The ‘death penalty’ of child welfare: In 6 months, some parents lose their children forever

A Clinton-era law aimed to speed up adoptions for children in foster care. It destroyed hundreds of thousands of families through termination of parental rights.
290d ago

For Black families in Phoenix, child welfare investigations are a constant threat

One in three Black children in Maricopa County, Arizona, faced a child welfare investigation in a five-year period, leaving many Phoenix families in a state of dread.
346d ago

CPS workers search millions of homes a year. A mom who resisted paid a price.

In New York City, child welfare workers search tens of thousands of families’ homes every year, looking for abuse and neglect. They rarely get a warrant.
363d ago

Justice Department steps in amid warnings that Jackson's water system is at a 'breaking point'

The Justice Department threatened possible legal action against Jackson officials Monday if they don’t agree to negotiations to fix the city’s beleaguered
423d ago

Help us investigate termination of parental rights in the child welfare system

If you’ve faced having your parental rights terminated in the past decade, ProPublica and NBC News would like to connect with you to understand how your case was handled.

Most police departments make recruits undergo psychological evaluation. Federal law enforcement agencies? Not so much.

Most big city police departments make officers undergo a psychological evaluation before getting a badge. Thousands of federal agents get no such evaluation.

Michigan AG declines to pursue release of man known as ‘ninja killer’

The Michigan Attorney General’s Conviction Integrity Unit has declined to pursue the release of Temujin Kensu, who was convicted of murdering a college student more than 30 years ago.
595d ago

‘It was just a nightmare’: Vermont mother outraged over police response to teen in crisis

Cathy Austrian called police after her 14-year-old, who has mental health issues, came home with stolen vapes. The encounter turned violent.