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Hannah Rappleye

Rappleye is a reporter with the Investigative Unit at NBC News, with a focus on criminal justice, social issues and the environment.

Rappleye is a reporter with the Investigative Unit at NBC News, with a focus on criminal justice, social issues and the environment.

Latest from Hannah Rappleye

8d ago

Justice Department steps in amid warnings that Jackson's water system is at a 'breaking point'

The Justice Department threatened possible legal action against Jackson officials Monday if they don’t agree to negotiations to fix the city’s beleaguered
69d ago

Help us investigate termination of parental rights in the child welfare system

If you’ve faced having your parental rights terminated in the past decade, ProPublica and NBC News would like to connect with you to understand how your case was handled.

Most police departments make recruits undergo psychological evaluation. Federal law enforcement agencies? Not so much.

Most big city police departments make officers undergo a psychological evaluation before getting a badge. Thousands of federal agents get no such evaluation.

Michigan AG declines to pursue release of man known as ‘ninja killer’

The Michigan Attorney General’s Conviction Integrity Unit has declined to pursue the release of Temujin Kensu, who was convicted of murdering a college student more than 30 years ago.
241d ago

‘It was just a nightmare’: Vermont mother outraged over police response to teen in crisis

Cathy Austrian called police after her 14-year-old, who has mental health issues, came home with stolen vapes. The encounter turned violent.
290d ago

Burlington decided to cut its police force 30 percent. Here’s what happened next.

Burlington, Vt., decided to slash 30 percent of its police force by attrition. Since then, city leaders have been reckoning with the unintended consequences.
325d ago

The new steel? Hope and fear as a new plastics factory rises in Appalachia

Some see a plastics complex near Pittsburgh as a boon for a struggling region. Others fear a return to a toxic past for a product the world needs less of.
332d ago

Michigan children still placed in Sequel facilities after death

Michigan courts still sending children to Sequel facilities, despite governor’s order
475d ago

'All the water's bad': In McDowell County, you have to get creative to find safe drinking water

To get drinking water, Burlyn Cooper and his neighbors have to collect runoff from the rock face of a mountain. It’s contaminated, but it’s all they have.
551d ago

Michigan to ban restraints in youth facilities after Cornelius Frederick's death

The death of a 16-year-old foster child who was restrained led Michigan officials to re-evaluate the care children receive in these facilities.
554d ago

2 ex-deputies indicted on manslaughter charge in death of Javier Ambler

Ambler died following a 2019 car chase by deputies, where he told them he had congestive heart failure as they restrained and tased him.