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Jane C. Timm

Jane C. Timm is a senior reporter for NBC News.

Jane C. Timm is a senior reporter for NBC News.

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199d ago

County election boards pick new fights with states over voter fraud claims

The once-routine process of certifying local election results has become an increasingly popular venue for pushing voter fraud claims, prompting state

Pennsylvania sues county election boards over refusal to certify primary results

Pennsylvania officials sued election boards in three counties over their refusal to certify results from the state's May 17 primary.

The Supreme Court case voting rights experts say could bring 'chaos' to elections

A Supreme Court case that will decide the power state legislatures wield over congressional and presidential elections could have far-reaching implications for

After Uvalde, a citizen-led effort to change gun laws in Oregon took off. It could be a model for other states.

A citizen-led effort to institute new gun safety rules and ban high-capacity magazines has taken off in Oregon after mass shootings last month in Uvalde, Texas,

What Supreme Court justices said about Roe and abortion in their confirmations

After Friday's Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, pro-abortion rights lawmakers argued some of the justices mislead senators during their confirmation process.

NAACP to partner with to boost Black voter turnout in midterms

The NAACP is teaming up with to register Black voters ahead of the midterms in an effort to counter new voting restrictions in almost two dozen states.
223d ago

Mother-daughter election workers targeted by Trump say there’s 'nowhere' they feel safe

In harrowing detail, Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss described how Donald Trump's attacks based on debunked conspiracy theories ruined their lives.

Under court order, GOP officials in New Mexico county certify election results

Officials in Otero County, N.M., certified election results in compliance with a court order after refusing to do so, citing concerns about voting machines.
232d ago

Sarah Palin advances in special primary for Alaska's House seat

Three well-known candidates led by former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin have advanced to the general election in Alaska’s special

Alaska's new voting system has Sarah Palin facing Santa Claus for Congress

Alaska’s new voting system and an unexpected special election has attracted 48 candidates, including Sarah Palin and a Socialist legally named Santa Claus.

Florida Supreme Court leaves DeSantis' congressional map in place for midterms

The Florida Supreme Court declined to weigh in on the congressional map drawn by Republican Gov.