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Jasmine Cui

Jasmine Cui is a reporter for NBC News.

Jasmine Cui is a reporter for NBC News.

Latest from Jasmine Cui

Map: Where medication abortion is and isn’t legal

As of February 2023, the pills necessary for medication abortions were legal in some form in 37 states.

ChatGPT still reigns supreme in many AI rankings, but the competition is on

What’s the most powerful artificial intelligence model at any given moment?

Why AI-generated audio is so hard to detect

Fake and misleading content created by artificial intelligence has rapidly gone from a theoretical threat to a startling reality.

Aircraft laser strike reports surge to record high in 2023, FAA data shows

Reports of lasers illegally pointed at aircraft in flight rose to a new high in 2023, the latest spike in a series of steady increases during the past decade.

Trump ramps up attacks on the justice system when trials and key rulings loom, analysis shows

Former President Donald Trump’s unprecedented attacks on the judicial system are frequently tied to developments in his court cases, an NBC News analysis of his social media platform shows, and at times they've outnumbered his posts about his re-election bid.

Shohei Ohtani: What it means that the new face of MLB is Asian

Shohei Ohtani, once talked about as being unmarketable, crossed the line from MLB star to "transcendental" athlete, landing in spaces not often occupied by baseball players, much less athletes from Japan.
87d ago

Blue-collar hiring and pay gains stay hot in a cooling job market

Many blue-collar workers are riding into 2024 on a year’s worth of stronger hiring and faster pay growth than some of their white-collar counterparts.
92d ago

Rising car crash deaths could force companies to rethink stunt driving in commercials

Automakers often display a warning in commercials when showing a car executing incredible stunts: "Professional driver on a closed course.
92d ago

There’s a gap between AI talk and businesses actually using it

America’s biggest companies can’t stop hyping artificial intelligence to investors, but new data shows few businesses are putting AI to actual use.
107d ago

It's not quite soccer yet, but touchdowns are on the decline in pro football

Since 2020, NFL touchdowns have decreased significantly on average per contest. Defensive improvements and increased reliance on field goals could be partially to blame.

Are fears of a shoplifting surge running away from the facts?

Americans are starting to feel like shoplifting is becoming an epidemic.