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Jiachuan Wu

Jiachuan Wu is a national interactive journalist for NBC News.

Jiachuan Wu is a national interactive journalist for NBC News.

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Map: Coronavirus cases are falling around the U.S. See where case counts are falling the most.

NBC News is following Covid-19 case numbers in states and territories in the United States. The data will be updated daily.

Map: Track coronavirus deaths around the world

Get the latest data on the human cost of this virus. Updated daily.

Coronavirus map: Confirmed Covid cases, per country

Here's how many coronavirus cases per country have been confirmed. This map is updated daily.

Graphic: Coronavirus deaths in the U.S., per day

More than 600,000 people have died in the U.S. of Covid-19. Track which states are getting hit the hardest and which direction the country's death rate is going. Updated daily.

Coronavirus deaths: U.S. map shows number of fatalities compared to confirmed cases

Track the latest numbers on deaths in U.S. states and territories. Updated daily.

Covid travel tracker: Which countries are allowing visitors from the U.S.?

NBC News is tracking travel restrictions for U.S. citizens in countries around the world.

Graphic: Compare full vaccination rates across the U.S.

One in 4 people in Mississippi are fully vaccinated, while nearly half in Maine are.
53d ago

Most officers never fire their guns. But some kill multiple people — and are still on the job.

In Seattle, one officer's multiple deadly encounters offer a window into this little understood corner of American policing.

Mask mandates are being lifted across the country. See if there's a mandate in your state.

NBC News is keeping track of statewide mask orders during the pandemic.
111d ago

500,000 lives lost: Tracing Covid-19 deaths across the country

Each dot on the map represents a person who died from Covid since Feb. 2020 to Sunday.