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Jon Schuppe

Jon Schuppe writes about crime, justice and related matters for NBC News. 

Jon Schuppe writes about crime, justice and related matters for NBC News. 

Latest from Jon Schuppe

10d ago

Supreme Court ruling on crack sentences 'a shocking loss,' drug reform advocates say

The ruling on the First Step Act is "contrary to what Congress intended and contrary to common sense," said a lawyer who represents incarcerated people.
20d ago

Police want a share of pandemic relief funds. Activists find that 'offensive.'

Across the country, an avalanche of pandemic relief money has sparked a debate over police spending.
41d ago

As vaccinations drop, outreach workers hit the streets to change minds

Volunteers across the country are responding to people's fears, coaxing the hesitant and removing obstacles for those who want to get vaccinated.
48d ago

In Nevada, drivers can be arrested for unpaid tickets. Activists are fighting to change that.

Her $4,431 in traffic tickets ballooned to $20,000 in debt and the threat of arrest. The system is “money hungry," she said.
57d ago

Hackers publish extensive dossiers on D.C. police officers in extortion attempt

Cybercriminals seeking to extort Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department have published extensive private dossiers of five current and former officers.
70d ago

Police across U.S. respond to Derek Chauvin trial: 'Our American way of policing is on trial'

While some officers see the trial as an example of a rogue officer being held accountable, others see it as a sign that the country has turned against them.

Biden wants to give anti-violence groups $5 billion. Here's how it could be spent.

For decades, anti-violence crusaders have preached new approaches to curb shootings. Now, the White House is listening.
90d ago

Baltimore will no longer prosecute drug possession, prostitution, low-level crimes

A pandemic experiment in criminal justice reform takes hold in one of America's most violent cities.
103d ago

How to 'defund' the police when violence is rising? Lansing, Michigan, struggles for answers

“If you take away resources from the police, that takes away an opportunity for us to get justice,” the father of a slain girl said.
140d ago

A Kentucky deputy went to Trump's D.C. rally. Now he's under investigation at home.

An officer sparks a debate over Trump, the election results and the public’s trust in law enforcement.
155d ago

Americans mark an unconventional inauguration as Biden ascends to presidency

People across the country found ways to celebrate in small groups or on Zoom, as the pandemic and concerns about violence altered traditional events.